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Things to Consider Before Getting One

Kittens are adorable. They're soft and playful and cuddly. Who wouldn't want one? I love cats and kittens, so I'm all for anyone else wanting one. However, there are some things people might not think of before they get a kitten.

  1. Litter training. If you do get a kitten, ask whomever you are getting it from, if the kitten is litter trained yet. If they're not, you can litter train them yourself, but it takes time for them to learn. The kitten will probably ruin something in the learning process. For example, my friend decided to get a kitten, he wasn't litter trained, so he pooped on her brand new rug and it was a white rug! So definitely take this into consideration. 
  2. Time. Cats usually don't require too much of your time because most cats are pretty independent. Kittens however, are different. Kittens usually have high energy and need a ton of playtime. Also, if you want them to be loving towards you when they grow up, you have to show them love and affection as they grow up. So that means cuddling, petting, and holding them. Please do not get a kitten if you will eventually stop showing him/her love and affection. I've seen people do this and it is very sad. If you don't have time for a kitten, don't get a kitten.
  3. Money. If you've ever owned an animal, you probably already know this. But for those of you who have never owned an animal, make sure you can actually care for them. If you don't already have supplies for a kitten, you need a litter box and scoop, litter, bowls, food, toys, scratch board, maybe a brush, and maybe some treats. Keep in mind, you have to keep buying litter and food for your kittens for the rest of their life. Also, something else people don't think about is medical expenses. If you get the kitten from a shelter, it's probably pretty healthy and already getting medical attention. Your kitten can still have health issues in the future though. If the kitten comes from somewhere else, like a farm or just a random person, they could have any kind of medical problems. You just don't know. I learned that the hard way when I took in my kitten Oreo. He was thrown out and abandoned by someone and ended up being pretty sick and cost a bit of money to get him healthy. 
  4. Other pets. If there are other animals in the household be sure you understand what getting a kitten means for your other animals. Some older cats will actually become quite mean if you introduce another animal. In some cases, older cats will get jealous and pee on things in the house to mark their territory. Sometimes they will become anti-social (if they're not already) and hide for hours a a day. If you own dogs, make sure they will not be too rough with the kitten. Also, see if the kitten is alright with dogs because lot's of cats are scared of dogs. Cats like fish and mice so also reconsider if you have those. Usually though, cats can handle be around fish, from my experience at least.
  5. Claws. First of all, if the cat is allowed outdoors, please do not get them declawed! If they are outside and don't have claws, they will not be able to protect themselves from other animals. I personally do not like to get my cats declawed, even though they are indoor cats. I think it's unfair to them. If you want a kitten, be prepared to get scratched up a little bit. When the play, they use their claws a lot. If you have nice furniture, be cautious. They will probably try to scratch some of the furniture. You can get scratch boards for them so they don't scratch the furniture, but they still have to learn to use the scratch board instead of the couch. However, keep in mind, it is important for them to scratch. It helps the nails stay healthy and strong and also sharpens the nails. 

Consider each of these things before getting a kitten. They take some time, some money, and lots of love.

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