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Introducing: Lucy and Molly

Sister Dogs Through the Years

Photo by Author

As I am sitting at the kitchen table with Pandora playing my favorite music, I cannot help but contemplate where my life has taken me to. I could regret choices unmade or decisions made in haste, but every moment has led me to where I am. I have been led to typing at the table with the most adorable Yorkshire terrier sleeping soundly on the chair next to me and a boxer mix who likes to sleep on the spare bed starting at dark time. 

Each day they bring me unspeakable joy, sometimes frustration, but mostly joy. This morning neither one wanted to even begin waking up when my alarm went off. After I turned on the light both looked at me with tired, droopy eyes; it was as if they were blaming me for their lack of beauty sleep when it was they who hindered mine! Both love to cuddle and they like to make sure there is not enough room for my feet to move around, which causes a lot of tossing and turning. I gave them each a good morning kiss on their foreheads and finally a response!

Lucy, the three-year-old boxer mix stretched out a bit and showed me her belly. The look in her eyes was precious (as it always is in the morning) and even though I had to get ready for an appointment, I could not resist giving her the first belly rub of the day. The little eight-year-old Yorkie, Molly, stirred at Lucy's happy sigh and gave me the look a child must give their parent when their sibling is getting too much attention. Of course, I could not let Molly's furry belly go without a morning rub and the little snorts of happiness she gave me were worth forgoing my morning coffee for.

Leaving them is always hard to do, but then I remember what I get to come home to: Lucy's high-pitched shrieks of happiness then her zesty barking and Molly's yapping. As soon as I let them out of their crate, Molly is jumping on my legs as if they were made of dental treats, so of course I pick her up and she gives me so many kisses because, mom is home! Lucy has to investigate where I have been, so I go through the routine of having her smell my clothes and my new hand braces (I have some muscle issues due to hyper-extended thumbs). I love watching her tail change wagging speeds as she picks up on different scents. Even when I have a sad moment where the worries of tomorrow surround me, all I had to do today was have snuggle time on the couch and play time later with a new toy and all was well. 

With Molly snoring next to me, I cannot help but beam with joy that she is in my life and I have the opportunity to be her pack leader. Then again, I see it is time for her to have a bath, which is actually a shower, and I remember she will not be happy with me tomorrow when I clean her. On the other hand, she loves my hairdryer, which I call Bertam after its brand name, and she will lift her head with pride as her clean hair dries with the best shine ever (or in reality, until the next bath time). I see a dog who is happy with her home and with her pack (my parents, Lucy and I). Even though Lucy is in the spare room sleeping until it is actually bedtime, I can clearly picture her curled up on a soft blanket, her back legs tucked so tightly up to her chin that she literally looks like a ball, and her light snoring that turns into dreaming yups. I cannot wait to see what adventures these two take me through tomorrow!

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Elizabeth Adolphi
Elizabeth Adolphi

As a child I had a flair for the dramatic; as an adult, the flair has turned into a subtle, yet continuous hum. I love to see the world through different scopes and to tell stories based on the takeaway. Cheers!

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Introducing: Lucy and Molly
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