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I Warned Her

The Tale of My Dog

To offer some background information on my dog, I did not raise him, and he was already five years old when we took him in. We received him from our vet family friends because they refused to put him down when his previous owner could not find a home for him. Nacho is my dog and he is a chihuahua, which means that he is not the best playmate for a toddler or a baby. Chihuahuas are usually patient, but not with toddlers unless slowly introduced. To chihuahuas, babies are aliens that they're brains cannot comprehend, therefore it is a danger.

Anyways, one day, me and my older sister had decided to take our little guy out for a nice walk in the park to have a picnic, read a book outside, and enjoy the sun. It was near sunset, so there would be less dogs in the park than during the day. (Our dog also is afraid of big dogs.) So we took him around the park until we found a good spot to sit, we laid down our blanket, and our dog seemed happy. Then a woman with a stroller came by, me and my sister were hoping that she would not stop near here for fear of what Nacho would do to the baby.

"Wow is that your dog?" she asked.

"Yes, this is as big as they get," I joked and she laughed. Her phone rang and then she proceeded to pick it up. She clicked the brakes on the stroller and started to take things out. Oh no! I thought, not here, we are going to have to move!

"We might have to move," I said voicing my fear.

"No, it's fine he's on a leash," responded my sister. It was true we had him on a leash, so we knew he wouldn't get lost. My dog likes to sniff and explore and we just did not want him to get lost. I watched as the lady on her phone took out her child she must have been one years old. The lady paused her conversation on the phone.

"Look over there. Is that a dog?" the lady asked the child in a high-pitched voice and the child giggled. Yes, the child was cute. "Do you want to say hello to the dog?" she asked her baby. Oh no! Well, now I have to talk to her about the baby and our dog.

"Sorry, our dog isn't good with children," I said to her.

"Oh, well that's okay, she can still pet him," she cooed. Oh no! This is just getting worse. Does the lady not understand what my dog ain't good with kids mean?

"Actually, he is not very good with strangers or children, he could bite her," said my sister.

"Oh okay," said the lady and I thought that the problem was dealt with she kept talking on her cellphone as she set up her own blanket beside her stroller, she put her baby down on the ground and she was just talking on her phone and not paying any attention to her child. Whoa! Is this lady even her mother? I wondered. Her child was curious about our dog and she started to crawl towards our dog. The mother kept talking on her phone and she was still looking away. I did not want to interrupt her conversation, so I sort of waved and she ignored me and kept talking. Then it was time for plan B. I watched the child as she approached our blanket and Nacho sat up, becoming alert that a weird something was approaching him.

"Hi there," I said to the baby girl. She paused and just smiled at me. My heart melted a little bit. "Hello," I said to her again and she giggled a little bit. "Where's your mother?" I asked her and she clearly had no idea what I was saying so she just laughed, she kept approaching the dog, and her little hand then reached out to almost touch him.

"No, you can't do that," I told the little human and I gently pulled her arm away. She then crawled closer and attempted once more by sticking her chubby little arm out and I pulled it away. "I don't want you to get hurt," I explained to her in the nicest voice. She reached out and my dog growled in a low tone. the child's eyes grew wide and she stared and then she attempted to pet him and he snatched.

"Bad dog," said the child in the best English she could muster and then she began to spit at my dog. 

"No, that's not nice," said my sister sternly. The child disobeyed and spat at my dog, who then retaliated by barking.

"Nope," said my sister and she scooped up the child and brought her to her mother. "Excuse me, could you keep an eye on her?" my sister asked her mother.

"Oh, why are you holding her?" asked the mother. Are you kidding me? I wanted to scream at this lady.

"Our dog, is not good with children, she came over here while you were on your phone," said my sister as she put the baby in the mother's arms and stomped off. The mother then picked up her things and left.

So, I feel like I gave this woman fair warning that he is a biter. She should have been watching her daughter the whole time, while talking on the phone. It is not that hard to talk on the phone and watch your kid, that's probably one of the easier tasks for a parent to do. I warned her.