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I Have a Cockatiel

Her name is Barbie.

Barbie's 3rd day with me.

I have a cockatiel and her name is Barbie. This is our story so far. When I first started looking for a bird, I was really excited and I wanted a big bird. Like a really really big bird! So I talked to this bird breeder and I got really excited because she had larger birds. She told me to start with something smaller, because the bigger the bird, usually the more time you had to spend with it, and at the time I was in school. So I searched for a bird with personality. I found out that every bird has its own personality, but the best bird for me happened to be a cockatiel. So I started to search everywhere for a cockatiel. I searched on Google, Facebook, etc. I found a woman in my state, and even my town! Now my town is pretty small so I didn't expect to find this. I started to look at pictures of the bird and the cage. So far I had a great deal. Cockatiels live up to about 20 years, so when I heard that she was seven years old I was like, "OK, that's fine." So I arranged a meeting with this woman. I was skeptical. 

The cage looked really expensive. It looked about $200 expensive. The bird looked really healthy, and it was was a female, which was ideal. So I went to meet this woman. When I finally got over there, no one was in the house. I knocked and rang the doorbell and even yelled. I heard something out back and me being me, I went to check it out. What I found was this man behind a lawn mower, and a small shed with two screen doors. It was pretty odd. I asked the man where Barbara was, which was the woman's name. He said, "Oh, she's in the bird house. You're here for the cockatiel, right?" I nodded and slowly knocked on the second screen door of the shed. A woman opened the door. She looked to be in about in her 40s. Me and my escort went inside. 

Inside there were multiple cages, but at least half a foot between each of them. There were a lot of birds. The woman greeted me, and then asked if I was Katy. I said yes. She asked if I mind if she let her finches out. They had been cooped up all day. I said I didn't mind and she opened the cage door to two little yellow birds. The prettier one flew out while the other one grabbed some seed out of the bowl that was in the cage and shoved it in some type of straw. I asked what the straw was and she told me that it was a nest. She tipped it down a little bit and I could see that there were baby chicks inside! They were pretty ugly. She told me that birds are always prettier when they grow up. Her eyes looked like glass as she showed me to a very large cage; the second largest in the shed. A gray and white bird called out behind me.

"She's pretty!"

The lady giggled and said, "Is she pretty, Dale?" The bird nodded. This was a pretty talented bird, in my opinion. She told me that the bird's name was Barbie. She put the cockatiel in a small white cage, and wheeled the cage onto our truck. I loaded the white cage with the bird into the backseat and climbed in with it. The woman let a few tears drop as she said goodbye to the bird. We drove off and I soothed the squawking bird. A week later, I was still visiting the bird daily. 

She's a good bird. She steps up onto my finger, but she prefers to sit on my head. After a while, I started to wear hoods (Winter) and she accepted those with flying colors (ha, get it?)! I eventually nicknamed her Barb, because I don't like Barbie. We still enjoy our time together, whether it's training, or socialising with others, but we especially enjoy the quiet moments of bonding time.

  ♡Thanks for reading, Barb and Katy♡

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I Have a Cockatiel
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