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How to Spoil Your Dog (And Yourself, Too)

Show your pup some love.

There’s a thing that happens when you do something nice for your best pal. You get this warm fuzzy feeling inside, and in their happiness find your own. Your dog is no different; he’s your constant companion, and in spoiling him you spoil yourself a little, too. Acts of kindness aimed at your pup can enrich both your lives. It can make you feel better about yourself as a pet owner and general human, and it definitely pays out in puppy love.


Adventures can be the greatest bonding experience a pet and his owner can have. Whether it’s a day out and about, a long drive in the car, or a full-blown road trip somewhere new, get your buddy in the car and go do something fun. There are a million outdoors activities you can enjoy with your dog, like hiking and swimming. Remember to keep your plan for safety weather-relevant. Travel during the winter poses different safety and comfort challenges than summer road trips. When you plan ahead, your road trips will be all about fun.

Like to live the pampered life? There are tons of places out there that will cater to pet owners, and pamper you both. More than anything, though, your dog wants to spend time with you. Do something you’ll both love.


It’s often been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While that might not work for all men, it’s pretty universally true about dogs. Every scrap you drop on the kitchen floor is a treasure, so why not go all out and have some fine dining? Dogs can eat a lot of food that people can, so next time you decide to treat yourself by whipping up a nice dinner, why not make something you can share with your best pal? Just be sure to skip the chocolate desert. If you’re not a fan of working in a kitchen, pick up some of the fancy wet food.


Some dogs might enjoy rooting around in the trash, but a clean home is the best environment to keep your dog healthy and happy. Oftentimes that means keeping a home clean in spite of your dog. Cleaning might feel more like work than spoiling, but at the end of the day, your home feels more like a sanctuary when it isn’t covered in dog fur and whatever that thing they brought in from outside is.

Remember to get the job done right; get cleaners that are formulated to work on animal stains and cleaners that aren’t toxic for your pooch. Oh, and if you really want to splurge, buy a vacuum made for pet fur. Animal fur is the easiest way to kill a normal vacuum, and anything that makes cleaning easier is worth the cash. 


Sometimes the best times are spent doing nothing at all. For your dog, it’s all about being with you. Take a nap. Laze around on the sofa. Hang out in a hammock together. Dedicate some serious time to mastering the art of the belly rub. Your dog shows you his love in a multitude of ways—time spent giving that love back can have a profound effect on the both of you. It can reinforce your bond, make you feel happy and secure, and make you both feel like a million bucks.

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How to Spoil Your Dog (And Yourself, Too)
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