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How to Make Your Dog Happy

My Policy: "Happy Dog, Happy Owner"

A large garden is not always enough to make your dog happy. Making your dog happy is a priority for most owners. Here are 10 tips to make your dog happy.

1. Take him on long walks.

It is necessary to take long walks (at least one or two times each week) for the well-being of your dog. You need to plan long walks in the forest or in the fields. Daily walks rarely last more than 30 minutes and do not allow your dog to spend enough energy. Moreover, in the city, it will sometimes be difficult to remove his leash and let him run and explore the area.

During walks in nature, the dog will not only feel liberated, but will also have the opportunity to discover new places and new smells, a very important activity for him. Remember that a dog needs to be stimulated outside—whether he lives in a big house with a garden or in a small apartment.

2. Meet new friends.

A dog is a social animal. This means that he needs to be in contact with other members of his kind and build relationships with other dogs. What could be nicer than seeing your dog play like crazy with the neighbor's dog? Not only does he have fun, but he also takes his dose of contact for the day. How would you feel if you were isolated from other human beings for weeks?

So those meetings with new friends are very important factor a dog's happiness. (Be careful to avoid aggressive dogs though, as they are likely to traumatize your dog!) It will be better to favor dogs of the opposite sex and the same size.

3. Play with him.

Adopting a dog involves spending time with your pet. Devote your faithful friend one hour each day to play with him—whether indoors or outdoors. This activity will only strengthen your relationship and the more your dog feels good with you in your environment, the happier he will be.

4. Install a place dedicated to him.

A dog needs to have his own place in the house to feel comfortable in the home. The ideal is to install your basket in a quiet place where it is not likely to be disturbed. His basket is his refuge so do not bother him when he is there, and do not punish him!

5. Educate him throughout his life.

Education is not just about the first months of your dog's life. Even if your dog is very well-educated, it is always good to take some training from time to time. In addition, these moments spent with you will only delight your dog, who will also like to learn new things.

A dog needs to evolve in a safe environment and education can help reassure him. It is important to stay consistent by both allowing and prohibiting the same things throughout his life.

6. Choose quality food.

Some households cannot afford to spend a few extra euros in quality croquettes. But diet is an important factor for the well-being of your dog. If his kibble tastes bad or digests badly, your dog may suffer.

Choose kibbles where the main part is meat and never buy them in supermarkets. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the choice of your dog's brand of kibble to the salesperson at specialized stores or to your vet; they are there for that!

7. Establish a routine.

Animals are very sensitive to changes in everyday life. It is recommended to establish a daily routine, that will only change rarely, in order to protect your dog from your anger when he starts to make damage.

Thus, give your dog meals at fixed times each day, taking him out regularly (morning, noon, and night, for example), and spending time playing at the same time each day (the evening when returning from work, for example).

8. Give him affection.

This advice may seem silly, but many dog owners get caught in the whirlwind of everyday life and forget to show their love to their pets. Indeed, a dog is a living being who feels complex emotions and who, like everyone, needs affection.

A little care, a little hug, or a word of encouragement a couple times a day, it does not take a lot of time, but it will make your dog to feel good!

9. Respect him.

Happy dogs are those who live in a positive environment where they feel respected. If you treat your dog as an object, or spend your time shouting at them, your life together may not be very pleasant.

In order for your pet to respect you as a master and a principal, you must first respect him as a dog. A dog has a definite place in the home and it is up to you to give it to him. Know that if your dog is out of control, it is your fault. In this case, quickly contact a canine educator who can help you channel your four-legged companion.

10. Avoid boredom.

There's nothing worse than a dog who spends his days alone and who's really bored. The first thing to do is to leave toys at his disposal when you leave. He will be able to find what to do during your absence. And do not hesitate to renew his toys several times a year so that he can always discover new things.

You can also hide treats everywhere in the house so that he takes his time looking for them.

If, after applying all these tips, your dog is still not happy, maybe something deeper hinders him. A sickness? A person who scares him? Pains? In all this cases, you have to visit to the veterinarian.

About Author:

Karen Berns is a business coach and writer with over five years of experience at Quizlets and a specialization in creative writing. She is a proud owner of an American Akita. She knows everything about dogs and their behavior. You can freely ask her about dog training. She can also write unique text about any theme related to animals.

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How to Make Your Dog Happy
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