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How to Get Your Dachshund to Finally Stop Barking

From Positive Reinforcement to Negative Reinforcement

1. Praise Them

No, really, praise them when they are not barking instead of yelling at them when they are barking. I know that might sound strange, but dogs want to be good, especially when they are still puppies. Please try positive reinforcement first and maybe even try it again a few more times during the struggle.

2. Walk Them

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Sometimes your dog is barking just because they have lots of extra energy that they don’t know what to do with it. Even if that isn’t the case, walking your dog until they are tired can still be a great solution.

3. The Citronella Collar

There is collar that works similar to a shock collar, but it’s much more humane. Every time your dog barks with it on, it will spray out a burst of citronella-scented liquid and bother their noses. Since the smell of citronella is so strong, you can see why your dog would be upset by it with their strong sense of smell.

The only down side is that replacing the battery has proven to be frustrating and every now and again you have to get more citronella.

4. The Noise Machine

There are products that react to loud noises by making another noise, but the noise they send back is really high pitched, so only dogs can hear it. At first, your dog might test it and bark at it to see if it really is responding their bark, but eventually they will get the idea. This won’t work on its own, it’s more of a side thing to just help you at the start. It certainly teaches them that barking is wrong.

Be warned! Sometimes other noises can set it off, too, like loud talking, so if your dog is being well behaved, please remember to turn it off.

5. Spray Bottle

Just use water for this! Every time your dog barks, whether it’s at your or a dog passing by, give them a spray from your spray bottle. Most dogs hate being wet and, even more, hate getting sprayed randomly. Make sure it’s not on mist mode; it has to be a straight shot!

Eventually, your dog will stop barking just at the sight of the spray bottle, so you don’t have to spray them every time. It certainly is useful to just simply take the spray bottle out just to have your wiener suddenly go into mute. It’s like a remote control for your dog.

6. Ear Plugs

This isn’t just a way to deal with their barking, it’s actually a very effective way to get them to stop barking for attention. Whenever your dog is barking directly at you, just put the earplugs in. Eventually, your wiener dog will realize they can’t bark your attention and will try nose nudges instead.

When buying new earplugs for this to work, just remember that not any earplugs will do...they have to be construction-level stuff headgear!

7. Socialization

The only real solution to getting your dog to stop barking at other dogs so much is to socialize them lots so they get use to other dogs, or at least get them used to the dogs they are being socialized with.

8. A Shock Collar

This is an absolute last resort. Please don’t go straight to a shock collar for this problem. Even if you do try a shock collar, you really only need to shock them once—after that, all you need to do is put it on them as a warning. There is no need to go shock crazy. 

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How to Get Your Dachshund to Finally Stop Barking
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