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How My Dog Changed My Life

From the Responsibility to the Unconditional Love

Last year I was so lonely I had no idea what to do with my life. I wore my parents down until eventually they agreed to let me adopt my own 10-week-old long fur dachshund. I saved up the money to adopt her and bought tons of puppy supplies before she ever even got to my house. 

I placed her in the kitchen in her dog crate that was way too big and just kinda stared at her for a little while. She obviously looked awkward and un-comfy so I stopped staring at her and it wasn't long before she came to me for cuddles.  We have been best friends ever since. 

My Puppy at 8 Weeks

As you can see, she grew very attached to me very fast. 

Her Personality

As every dog owner knows, all dogs have very strong personalities that are completely unique and their own. My dog is happy, stubborn, resilient, and a complete extrovert. 

When we brought her home for the first time I was worried about her transition into a new place, forever wondering when we will take her back... but she actually accepted the change very well. 

My Puppy at 7 Months

After Getting Attacked

Leela got attacked by a large dog at 13-months-old. While the bruises eventually healed, she never completely recovered emotionally. 

At first, she spent all her time in her crate ignoring us. My parents took her to the cottage to help cheer her up. It did a little. I noticed she got more aggressive towards the neighbour dogs. Gradually over time, she started to spend less and less time in her crate and more time with us. About two months later when I took her back to doggie daycare, she was shaking around the big dogs at first. However, she seemed a lot better later in the day. 

Today, she is doing much better. She still doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of big dogs... or ever want to go on long walks anymore, but she is doing a lot better.

A Cute Cartoon Illustration of My Puppy

So how did my dog change my life?

Well for starters, I now realize that a dependent is a lot of work and I am simply not ready for the responsibility of a human baby. Like, I need 10 to 15 more years. 

However, she also changed me emotionally and mentally. Having her cuddle at my feet at night makes me feel so much less lonely. I feel an overprotective love for her that I didn't understand before she was a part of my life. I have become more mentally healthy and grounded. She has helped me open up to other relationships as well. I have learned that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. In other words, I do have to scold her sometimes. 

Most importantly, I have found my Best Friend! :) 

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please feel free to read my other articles here on Vocal. I write about both personal and political things, so whatever you are looking for, I’ve probably written about it. 

How to Get Your Dachshund to Finally Stop Barking

Potty Training

About the Author

Yes, I realize I have the same name as an amateur sleuth. No, I haven’t read the books, although I have played most of the Nancy Drew games. I am simply someone who is addicted to writing. In the day I work as a photographer and waitress, but at night I write blogs for everyone to enjoy. Does that make me a superhero?… Probably not, but I can dream, right?

The truth is, I have been writing my whole life and I don’t think I could ever stop. Sometimes my writing gets real and I have been told by a couple of people that I have actually helped them before. Other times I just write about the Top Ten of something, which can be really fun to write!

My personal interests include eating pizza, playing video games, and cuddling with my dog. I have only recently started playing FPS games, but I have a long history in PC games. When it comes to video games, I’m quite the hipster. I like popular Indie games and love video games that almost no one had ever heard of.

Join the Adventure!

I would really love it if you joined the adventure by reading my blogs. I always make sure to have exciting new content to really make it an adventure! You can always leave feedback on my Facebook page and even send me a message or two. Heck, send me your blog page and we follow each other. Life can get lonely sometimes, so let's try to make things at least a little better by making a little online community.

So what do you say? Want to join the adventure? :) 

Want to read more?

My blogs and articles can be about anything really... I do write a lot after all. However, I find my self-writing about ADHD, photography, and Self-Help a lot.

To keep updated on my blogs please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter @BlogsNancy

Facebook @NancyDBlogs

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How My Dog Changed My Life
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