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Hello, I’m Mekko

A day in the life of an Australian Shepherd pup.

Hello...My name is Mekko

Hi there I am Mekko and I’m an Australian Shepherd, a Red Merle if we are being specific. I’ll be 1 in November, and I am so excited for my first birthday! My life so far has been pretty great...considering I’m a dog. How about I tell you my story!! 

My human mom found me on Craig’s List. Both my human parents were really wanting a female blue Merle but got blessed with me instead. When I met my new family for the first time I was a little nervous and scared of everything. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in the corner of the living room. Thankfully I have a big brother who helped me feel comfortable and loved. 

My big brother is so great!! He’s a three year old Australian Shepherd Red Tri. He’s huge and furry and covered with muscles. He likes to lay around but doesn’t get to do that much because I like to bother him by jumping on him from behind and running up and nibbling his ears...he hates it haha. I think my humans love him more than me though because every night he gets to sleep with them in their room and I have to sleep in the kennel all myself. Although they may only do this because I love chewing on those long stringy things that stick out of the walls but they don’t like it when I do that. 

We just moved to a new home! The best part about this new place is we can go outside now and run around, also there’s a pool in the backyard. I sometimes like to jump in it when no one is looking. It just feels so good to swim and get wet!! I jump in about three or four times then take a break to rest...then I start all over again after I’ve dried off and my human mom is about to let me inside. I just want to get one last swim in before she lets me in but every time I do she leaves me outside...I wonder what that’s about?

We also have three new furry friends! I’m always trying to play with them but the keep trying to bite my nose...I think they think it’s food or something. It doesn’t smell like food to me, even when I like it. There’s also this really weird looking dog that has small pointy ears and scary looking eyes. He also has a weird bark that’s sounds like this..."Meow." It is the strangest thing. I try and play with him too but he just like bopping me on the head with his paw. 

My big bro is the only one who will play with me. I know he thinks I’m annoying sometimes but he still plays with me. He helps me tear apart these toys that have someone trapped inside. I don’t know why my humans keep giving us these toys with poor thing trapped inside. Every time I chew on them they squeak, so I usually grab it and tell my bro to help me get them out. Once we’re done there’s all this awesome white fluffy stuff everywhere to eat! 

Anyways I gotta human mom looks like she’s about to give my bro a bath and he hates baths so I gotta go save him. Hope I see you soon!! 

(Mekko running off yelling, “I’m coming brother!!! Don’t worry!”)

Big brother and Me!

We love taking pictures

I like being right up in people’s faces...I just want them to notice me!

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Hello, I’m Mekko
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