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Having a Pet

It's Worth It

Bobby. Pet 3/5

I have 5 pets.

3 cats and 2 dogs. 

And I swear if someone asks me one more time if I'm starting a farm, I'm going to say yes, and ask for a donation. Okay, not really, but seriously I don't ask you if you're trying to open up your own daycare, Patricia. 

Because of me, 5 less pets are on the street or in a shelter.

5 pets have a warm bed at night, plenty of cuddles, treats, full water/food bowls, and are loved more than their furry little butts could ever begin to comprehend.

I don't think I'm a saint for "saving" all of these animals. I don't want an award or recognition. I have all that in the form of slobbery kisses and head bonks. I definitely don't expect everyone to drive to their shelter and take home an entire row of doggos or cattos. Although, if you do, you're my hero.  I just want others to think before they do things like adopt, sell , or abandon.

I never meant to have this many pets. I never made this a goal (although I did say I want to take all the pets in that pet store home that one time.).  I am also very fortunate that their needs are relatively low maintenance. And with each pet, I carefully considered and understood the choice I was making and if I really should make it. 

The point of this is for people to understand that owning a pet isn't something to take lightly. And if you're going to take on that responsibility you need to do so with all your might. While, obviously, things can happen that may be tragic and cause your pet to need a new home, your reasons should never be selfish. If you aren't in a place where you can take care of yourself, don't try to take on the care required for an animal that you're going to have to re-home later. Be responsible and know what you're getting yourself into. Be prepared for vet visits, training, accidents and other things that can come with owning a pet. 

Pets- like anything else can be frustrating. Accidents, hairballs, and torn up trash bins happen. 5 AM meows for food and puppy potty calls happen. I'd still take both of these over a total diaper blowout at 4 AM, but that's just me. These are part of owning a pet, and there are plenty of solutions to these problems. Even as simple as more attention or changing their diet or amount of walks a day. You are your pets best friend, you are their family, a part of their pack or pride, and should be treated the same by you. Offer compassion and firmness in your discipline. And care for them when they're sick or have hairballs. 

If you move, your pet does too (unless absolutely impossible). If you have a kid learn the proper ways of introducing your child and beloved four-legged children to each other. Research breeds before you adopt, this avoids any behavioral or health-related surprises that may come up. If you're significant other disapproves of your pet...consider re-homing them (The person not your pet). I joke, I joke...but seriously, have a conversation with each other and understand where the other one is coming from. And understand your pet's situation too. Don't make a decision that you're going to regret later on. 

If you find yourself in a position with no other option, be considerate. Re-home responsibly. Make sure that their new forever home is adequate and will be able to provide your pet with the care and love they deserve. If you need to surrender your pet to a local shelter, find a no-kill shelter. These places are often times more respectful and sensitive to what you and your furry friend are going through. They should help make the process as smooth and painless as possible. Give the same thought and care into this as you would when adopting. 

The world is a better place because of these small critters. Take care of them. Love them the way they love us. 

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Having a Pet
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