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Having a Familiar

This is my Nova.

I have always loved cats. I mean LOVE cats. I am almost obsessed with them. I am curious about them and what they are capable of doing. All animals, really I do love them all no matter how "dangerous" they seem to be to humans. But, cats? The feline has always pulled my heart strings more than dogs of birds or fish or horses. I have had two cats in my life thus far. Phee was my first, she was a Gemini Siamese Tabby mix. We got her in 2012 when she was about 6 weeks old. I loved her more than anything I had ever had in my life. She was my first pet, I had a dog for a little while but he was temperamental therefore I had to give him to a new family. Phee was with me until a few months ago when we had to put her down due to liver disease. I was heart broken. To lose any pet, it tears a part of your heart out to have to say goodbye. 

Six months before we lost Phee I had a friend ask me if I could take her kitten for her due to lack of housing, she changed her mind when I agreed. She couldn't bare to give up her kitten, so she gave me the  contact information to the woman who had the liter of kittens where she got her fur baby. That is where I met my familiar.

Now, familiars are normal portrayed as evil demon companions that do witch's bidding and feed off of the witch. I have always known that I would find my own, but the fact of the matter is that familiars are not evil demon creatures. Rather, they are a companion that is there for their human. These animals (cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc.) are reincarnated spirits that have chosen to be with their companions to help with rituals, yes witchcraft. They also, however, help in prayer. God wouldn't allow us to have this spirit if there was evil involved, the Devil might though. 

Witchcraft, in my opinion is not evil or dark unless you chose to allow yourself to succumb to the darkness of it. Life had both Good and Evil, Dark and Light. I feel as though perhaps familiars are the grey area. They can be used for both but chose to do whatever they please. (As we all know) This is why I cannot be held down by the belief that familiars are only used for evil or that their intentions are evil. 

Now, my familiar happens to be a Scorpio Savannah Tabby mix. She will be a year old in November. I got her when she was about 6 weeks old, she doesn't take Phee's place in my heart. Although, she is my familiar. The reason I know this to be true is because when I first got her from that lovely woman's home she was the first fur baby that I picked up. I just knew she was going to be my kitten. She had to be mine, therefore I handed her to my mother (who was with me and my son to pick up the new kitten) knowing that she wouldn't put her down. My son was instantly in love and aw of her. He couldn't stop asking to see her and hold her and pet her. He loves animals just like I do, and I am thankful for that.

When we left the house to take my new kitten home, I carried her in my hood on my hoodie that I was wearing backwards. It was winter time when I got her, so I wanted to be sure she would be warm and comfortable. I remember her little cries and meows at me while we walked through the store to get her new things before taking her to her new forever home. Once she realized that she was okay and wasn't going to be hurt by me, she settled down and fell asleep against my chest while hanging in my hood. 

I'm not sure when the bond happened, but there was a night that she protected me from something I could not see that was trying to attack me. I was sitting in my bedroom playing GTAV on my fiancé's PlayStation 4 when it happened. My fiancé had been gone since Christmas time to do his basic training so nights were open for whatever I could find to fill my bored mind while our son slept. So, this night I chose the game we loved to play together. 

Nova was laying just inside the room beyond the closets on either side of the entryway into our room, she normally lays here whenever I am awake. Otherwise she was always in bed with me, laying on my neck or by my head. Well, while I was in the midst of GTAV normal stealing, killing, and racing Nova shot her head up and looked at me. She was in a deep sleep beforehand, even dreaming with her little paws twitching and her ears turning as though she was hearing something that I could not. 

When she looked at me I felt a wave of warm buzzing energy hit me like a wall and fully envelope me, her eyes big as she watched my attacker repeal and slither away. This was the moment I realized that after years of being attacked spiritually, seeing spirits, hearing them, and feeling them, Nova is my familiar. She and I even share our Aunt Flow! She is vaguely jealous of my fiancé because he wasn't around when she came home. She and Phee didn't get along well due to Phee's health, but Nova loves our dogs and plays with them.

She loves my son, every night before we close his door for bed she has to come into his room and walk around a couple of times before she will leave allowing us to let him sleep. She follows me around everywhere, but still has to "normal" cat like behaviors as well. Whenever I am upset or not feeling my best she always finds me and she will kneed me until I feel better. She has gone as far as to be goofy to make me laugh when I am crying. 

Nova is nothing evil, whether or not I have practiced Wicca I have never done anything dark or evil. I know her better than anyone and she knows me better than anyone. She is my familiar, my companion, my missing part that has finally found me after 23 years. Anytime that I pray to God I find her sitting in my window watching me and waiting for me to come back inside. I pray outside, connecting myself to the earth before talking to God. 

I am blessed to have her in my life, I hope others are blessed enough to find their familiar like I have been. 

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Emma Paysinger
Emma Paysinger

Most of my writings are going to be about dreams that I have had, bringing them to light with a more storytelling twist behind them. Everything that I write about I have witnessed. I am no professional, but that's the dream. <3

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