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Furry Friends

Unexpected and Unconditional Love

One Sunday morning, I was awoken by the buzzing of what seemed to be my phone. I answered, only to hear my sister excitedly beg me to wake up. She had asked I get ready and go with her to pick up a furry little gift whom she’d be surprising her husband and daughter with. Without hesitation, I agreed! Who wouldn't want to go see newborn pups?! Twenty minutes later she arrived at my house and I hopped in the car, and there we were driving thirty minutes out of the city to meet our newest family member. As we pulled into the lovely, quiet community her friend lived in, I kept reminding myself that I was here to help her bring ONE puppy home. Little did I know I was going to walk into a living room full of cute, furry little adventurers that were ready to steal my heart!

We walked in to her friend’s house and greeted each other quickly as we were so excited to meet the litter. My sister picked one up, and I recognized this little guy from the pictures she had been showing me on the ride here. He was so fluffy, a soft fat belly underneath him from barely finishing up breakfast. The puppy breath was the winner, as all he wanted to do was snuggle around your face and show some lovin’. Regardless of having all this cuteness right in front of me, a furry little white bear caught my attention in the background. As I approached the pup that was passed out on the floor, I couldn't help but notice his tail that was broken almost near the tip. 

"He was born with it broken. We won't be able to find someone for him so we might just keep him," said my sister's friend. As soon as those words flew into my ears, I knew the real reason why I was here. I was here for my new best friend.

Of course, all pets come with responsibility. Not to mention I had two of my own at home already, but I was always told Huskies were quite the handful. That did not stop me from wanting to take this little guy in. I picked him up off the ground and he remained dead asleep in my arms, and every detail about him had already melted my heart. We all had a quick laugh witnessing him practically act as a rag doll. He would refuse to wake up and kept peeking to see what was going on. Without hesitation, we agreed that we came for one pup, but were leaving with brothers. Since that moment, my furry little friend has shown quite the valor. Never has he shown fear or even aggressiveness. But he sure stands his ground for his treats! He potty trained himself honestly, I kid you not! From one day to another he was doing his business on his own. My fur baby has become my alarm clock and has helped me so much mentally and emotionally. Not to mention, he has grown so close to my other two dogs! There's no better feeling to come home to eager and happy  faces that want to spend time with you and love you unconditionally. It's true, Huskies love to talk! My Kane loves to howl and bark to get his way or your attention! It's amazing to see their characters, to see how much charisma a dog can have. The best part is that you'll never have a doubt when it comes to their love, because to them, we are their entire lives.

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Furry Friends
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