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Fur Baby

Who Says Our Children Can't Have Fur?

I never thought that I could feel so much love for something that wasn't human. My whole life I've wanted children, But I am waiting for the right time. When me and my boyfriend moved in together, we made the decision to get a kitten. I was nervous about it at first because I know its a big responsibility and we already had three bunnies at the time as well. I've always loved cats and he warmed up to wanting a kitten. We had a couple leads on kittens but they fell through. Finally a friend of mine informed me that her cousin had kittens that were part bobcat. She sent me pics and asked if I would be interested in one, but said they couldn't leave the mom for about six weeks. I instantly fell in love with one of them. I knew I wanted a female cat, because that was what I grew up with. My friend was unsure if the one in the picture I said I wanted was a girl so I would have to find out when I went to get one. I was worried that these kittens too would fall through but I stayed hopeful. Finally I got the call, we could get one of the kittens. My boyfriend, my friend, and I went to her cousin's place about 30 mins away to get my kitten. When I told the cousin I wanted a female my face lit up when she showed me the open in the picture first. I told her I didn't need to see any others, this was the one. 

From the first moment I held this little fur ball in my hands it was love at first sight. I felt like a new mother holding her newborn for the first time. Me and my boyfriend decided to name her Nora after one of our favorite DJs Nora en Pure. Baby Nora aka Nora en Purrr seemed to be just as happy with us as her parents as we were to have her as our baby. We are very social people and are always playing music and having people over, which was fine with her. She would sleep on top of our large speaker while my boyfriend would spin music for our guests. Nora even loved to socialize herself. She gained a fan club very quickly. Even our parents call her the grand-kitty. Not only is she the cutest thing I've even seen, she loves other animals and is very smart. We trained her to come and sit. Along with up and she will fetch sometimes. She is fearless of dogs, but does hate loud cars. She loves our bunnies and will even get in the cage with them. When our mama bunny passed away, Nora took over as the baby bunnies mom almost instantly. We can even have conversations with Nora. Sometimes she will even respond back with a meow or two. Nora can be a diva at times. Now that she discovered our cups of ice water she likes to drink from our cup or she needs ice in her kitty bowl... spoiled. She is an indoor cat but loves outdoors. When she sees me grab her leash she gets so excited to go out and explore. We even have a kitty backpack and kitty stroller for her. Best thing is the look on people's face when they realize you have a cat in the stroller and not a baby. 

With my bad anxiety, I find having a cat therapeutic. I encourage others to explore this as well. When ever I am feeling down, its like she knows and will come right over to comfort me. The warm feeling of a kitten cuddled against you is one of the most relaxing things in this chaotic world. Petting her when I am anxious helps to calm me. Nora gives me a reason to get excited about going home every day after work. Every day I open the door she is there waiting for me. This love is unconditional. 

With all of this being said, don't judge me on how much I love my cat. This short story is only a glimpse on how important Nora is to me. If you have depression, anxiety, really want children but can't right now, or are lonely, I recommend exploring the option of getting a cat. While kittens are more work and have a ton of energy, older cats are great too. Always explore your options and your house situation. Make sure you can provide the space and love a cat needs. In return, your cat will be your fur baby to cuddle and love you no matter what. 

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Fur Baby
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