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Four-Legged Children

The Love of Cats

My adorable kitties 

I was not always a cat person. In fact, my first cat was an exotic black cat. Her name was Midnight, and she totally disliked me. After the distaste for one another I found her a new home. However, I wish I had never did that. Since Midnight I have owned a few other cats, and have grown mighty attached to each and every one of them. I have also enjoyed their company as well. I currently have four perfect loves, a tabby, two Maine Coons, and a Calico. All four have different personalities, and I enjoy every single one of them. The one thing they have in common, the love of mint catnip flavored treats. Prior to these four-legged babies, I had two other cats. A tabby and Coon mix which I had to give up to a foster family due to divorce, and allergic relatives. I have got back on track and adopted these lovely pretties.

My cat Journey is a mean girl Tabby. We bought her from a rescue shelter at four months of age. She has been a joy. She is a mean girl. Let’s just say my darling Journey has a mean strict. If she gets a negative vibe from person that comes over to stay, she will gladly piss on their personal belongings. Up until she was six months she was the one and only. Yes, she is spoiled. She only plays with others on her demands, and when caught off guard she will hiss the most fearless hiss ever. The lioness in her intimidates the others to run for safety. Journey originally belongs to my daughter. However, she seems to be more over protective of me. She is also my emotional therapy support, if I am sad she's there to comfort me. If I am angry, she will meow at me. If I have slipped out of her sight without her knowledge, she literally howls through out the house until I respond to her. The other three cats salute to alertness whenever they approach my side; she's that fearless. Whenever she is in a good mood she will play with the others a game tag, or even just sucker punch.

My gentle giant Oscar, the Maine Coon, was found in an alley and taken in (along with his other siblings) by a friend of friend. He was then given to me after my friend was afraid her dog would hurt him, if not, hurt himself while she was away at work. We had an instant mother/son connection. He fell asleep in my arms as I held him for the first time; and on the way home he sat on my left shoulder the whole way. He was pretty scared of my lioness Journey, running up into the Christmas tree to hide, knocking it down within minutes after. He was three months old when I received him. By six months old he was the size of a full-grown adult cat weighing at eight lbs. He is now about two years old and weighs at least 15 lbs. My daughter says 20 lbs, but you have to deduct the extra weight of fur. Oscar has been a blessing to our family. He is very gentle, playful, and loves to eat. However, grooming time always seems to bring out his bitterness and large claws. He has also taken on the single father role for our Calico. He has the knots on his belly to prove it. He will lie on his side until she falls asleep, or until his discomfort has been met. My Calico is also his wrestling buddy, and I am sure Journey is much relieved from the sport. I almost forgot to mention, he loves to escape out the door any chance someone is not focused. I am almost convinced the pit bulls are his accomplices in his escape, since he always seems to escape when they are purposely hovering at the door.

Speaking of my Calico, her name is Bonnie, or Bonbon. She is very smart and very mischievous. She was a stray kitten my husband found, and brought home. I kept saying no, no, no. However, she kept meowing yes, yes, yes... until over and took her out of my husbands arms. We are estimating she is three months old. She has been with us for a month, and has captured the heart of the family. With Oscar as her papa, and the newest kitten Violet as her best friend, she is one happy trouble-making kitty. She loves to run and jump everywhere, and on everything. I am trying to train her to stay off counters. However, she gives me the same look my teenage daughter gives me (the whatever look). She is playful and loves wrestling with her papa Oscar and best friend.

Violet is the newest member of the family. My sister-in-law gave her to me. She was given to us at a very young age; we are guessing two months. The mother no longer fed her, or her siblings. She is a scaredy cat. This frighten behavior has brought out instant claws to everyone. All it took was my motherly cat instincts, with a, “hey... you're ok in a firm but gentle voice.” I had her hooked around my finger after that, and vice-versa. It took about a week for Violet to adjust from her scaredy cat behavior. She would hide under anything that kept her isolated from people or loud noises. She is gray, with what looks like violet highlights. She has the same facial features, big paws, and Grandpa Monster ears as Oscar. Reason I am sure she is Maine Coon. She is a gentle, loving, and very playful now. Bonnie and her are inseparable. If Violet hides somewhere, Bonnie will meow and meow as if calling out for her. All it takes is for these two to make eye contact and they are off.

These four fur babies are just half of my animal children. It has been nothing but pleasure so far having them in my life. The feeling as though I have toddlers once again in my home is what makes it entertaining.

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Four-Legged Children
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