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Essential Products Every New Puppy Owner Needs

Nothing is more exciting than getting a new puppy! But like all children, your new pet can be a handful. Make sure you have everything you need to take care of your pup by getting these essential products every new puppy owner needs.

Having a new puppy around the house makes it feel like Christmas every day. You're so excited to have a new buddy—especially one so small, furry, and cute! But don't forget that being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Handling a puppy can be difficult, because they don't know anything yet. You have to teach them the rules of the house, all the while making sure you have everything they need to be happy. Here are the essential products every new puppy owner needs to get on the right track. 

Dog Rope Toy by Topeakmart

Like human babies, your new puppy will be teething. So you're going to have to make a choice: the legs of your lovely, expensive wooden dining table or a dog rope. Let's go with dog rope. 

A dog rope functions as both a play toy and a necessary teething item for your new pup. You can play tug of war with him or her while they satisfy their little gums. Plus, it's a great way to get them to expend their seemingly endless amount of energy. 

Walk-Thru Pet Gate by Carlson Pet Products

There are likely certain rooms in your house you'd rather keep off-limits from your dog. Whether it's because you want to keep them out of the basement or because you don't want them going in the kitchen while you're at work to sift through garbage, you'll need a dog gate.

Be aware that your puppy will try to destroy everything in sight. It's not malicious, it's just what curious and hyper babies do. That is why a dog gate is one of the most essential products every new puppy owner needs. When you're out of the house and they are left to their own devices, it is best that you keep them sectioned off so they aren't tempted to rip your shoes and magazines to shreds. 

Super Absorbent Wee Wee Pads by Four Paws

Potty training is the most important and most difficult part of raising a puppy. When your new dog first arrives at their new home, they will see it as one giant toilet. You have to teach them that it's only OK to go in one particular spot. 

While you try to train them to wait to go potty outside, it is smart to have wee wee pads in the house just in case they need to go and don't make it out in time. Remember, puppies have small bladders so when they feel the need to go, they'll go. Older, trained dogs are able to hold it until mommy or daddy gets home, but puppies don't have that kind of self-discipline yet. Make sure you get wee wee pads that are absorbent, so that when you go to clean it up you won't have a hard time. If you don't want leavings on your carpet, wee wee pads are essential products every new puppy owner needs. 

Potty Training Bells by Blue Tree

Many people underestimate the intelligence of dogs, but you can teach your dog to ring a bell whenever they have to go outside for a potty break. Attach a bell rope to your back door so that even when you're in another room, you'll be able to hear when your dog needs to go outside. 

This kind of training requires some patience. At first, your puppy will have no idea why you're taking their paw and hitting things. But after making this part of your routine for a while, your dog will begin to make the association that the ringing of the bells means the door will open so they can go pee. I have done this with my dogs and it works like a charm, which is why it is one of the essential products every new puppy owner needs. 

Dog Bed by Majestic Pet

Every dog needs a bed. Your puppy may be small now, but depending on the dog breed, they may eventually need a larger bed. So instead of having to spend money every time your puppy grows a little, get a bed that will be suitable for the projected size of your dog when fully grown. 

Also pay attention to the material the bed is made out of. If your puppy doesn't have a thick coat, a cozy, fluffy bed might be best for them so they can keep warm. However, if the dog breed is known for its fluffiness, an overly fuzzy bed will only make them hot and uncomfortable. 

Soft Puppy Bites by Wellness Natural Pet Food

Part of puppy training—especially potty training—is to reward them for good behavior. Using a positive reinforcement technique is crucial to your dog's learning. Whenever your puppy goes to the bathroom in the correct place, give them a little treat to let them know they did well. This way, they will learn to make the association between the two. Rewards are essential products every new puppy owner needs.

Squeaky Plush Toy by eForCity

Here comes the fun part: buying toys for your new baby! While you will likely have to try a myriad toys to figure out which ones your puppy likes the most, one of the first toys you should get is a squeaky toy. 

Go online or to your local pet store to buy a squeaky ball or stuffed animal. This is another great item for a teething puppy because most dogs are made curious by sounds. Chew toys such as this one should keep them distracted and teething in the right place. 

Pet ID Tags by GoTags

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I am always shocked at how many people don't bother to get their dogs ID tags. Another thing people commonly do is to only make their pet wear their collar and tags when they go outside. You must make sure that your puppy has both their collar and their appropriate ID tags with them at all times. Of all of the essential products every new puppy owner needs, this is the most significant. 

Your puppy's tag needs to have their name on one side, and your information on the back: name, address, and phone number. You don't know if or when your dog might escape and run off, and if you don't have tags for them you will never find them again. Also be sure to put your vet-issued rabies tag on your dog's collar when they get their immunization. 

Puppy Ring Chew Toy by Nylabone

Nylabone® Puppy Ring Chew Dog Toy | dog Interactive Toys | PetSmart
Nylabone® Puppy Ring Chew Dog Toy at PetSmart. Shop all dog interactive toys online

Nylabone has long had a reputation for making the best dog toys for super chewers—and we all know that all puppies fit into that category. When puppies start having their "adult dog" teeth grow in, they get a need to chew on anything and everything you own. 

Sure, you can just bid adieu to your socks and sneakers, but the fact is that just tossing your pup a Nylabone Ring Chew will be a better option. As such, it's one of the best puppy supplies you can buy. 

Grooming Brush by Glendan

Brushing your dog on a consistent basis is important to their comfort and to the health of their coat. If you don't brush your dog, their fur will become matted, which doesn't feel good for them and is an absolute nightmare for dog groomers. Brushing your dog regularly gets rid of unneeded hair and and wards off extreme knotting. 

There are other essential products every new puppy owner needs—like a bowl for food, for example—but these are the items you need that you might not have thought about before. Make sure you have these puppy items in your arsenal and good luck raising a happy, healthy best friend!

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Essential Products Every New Puppy Owner Needs
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