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Cutest Cat GIFs of 2017 to Send Your Friends

Like the ancient Egyptians, the internet worships cats. Here are the cutest cat GIFs of 2017 you need in your life right now.

GIFs are a hilarious way of getting your point across without saying a word. You want to tell your friend they screwed up? GIF. You want to tell someone you love them? GIF. 

As the internet is largely composed of cats doing weird and funny things, some of the most appropriate GIFs you can send your friends are the cutest cat GIFs of 2017. 

Gossiping with your homegirl like...

Your boy did WHAT? That girl at work said WHAT? I am furious for you. Let me proceed by telling you exactly what I would say to them if they ever crossed my path. They don't even have anything going on. They're jealous and insecure. Do you, girl. Do you.

Super Bowl LI got you like...

The Super Bowl of 2017 was an absolute train wreck. The Falcons owned the Patriots the entire first half only to give up 30+ unanswered points. Funny cats like this one understand how we all felt watching that game: lost and confused. It's not just one of the cutest cat GIFs of 2017, it's one of the most accurate. JUST, WHY?

Your final essay be like...

Political GIFs are often some of the most funny GIFs, and this one combines an oh-so-entertaining Trump GIF with cats! What could be better? It's like it's saying, "This is my work. I know it's crap. But I'm going to act like I don't notice." 

Plotting your revenge on your ex like...

First of all, a cat might actually be more adept at military strategy than some people. Secondly, military strategy doesn't just apply to physical might. Like Sun Tzu's The Art of War, conflict tactics can be useful in every aspect of life, from work to personal. For example, you want to help your best friend get back at her terrible ex? Send her one of the cutest cat GIFs of 2017 to let her know you mean business. 

Hyping up your friends for the new 'Star Wars' movie like...

Perhaps nothing was bigger in 2017 in the world of entertainment than the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We know a lot of you dressed up for the premiere. We know you took your lightsabers out and role-played. But maybe some of your friends weren't as stoked as you were. This cat GIF is a way of letting them know you mean business. 

Going to work in the morning like...

Cute cats reflect how we feel inside. Who doesn't wake up in the morning and drag their feet to get ready for work? The bed is warm. The bed is cozy. Why are you making me leaving my bed? I'm not even fully awake yet and I might actually fall down the stairs. The cutest cat GIFs of 2017 resonate with us on a spiritual level. 

You got this like...

There's nothing like a bro shake to get you psyched for what you're about to do. You need to feel like someone's got your back. You need to boost your confidence. Don't worry bro, your cat's got you covered. Slap it, pound it, and go get 'em! 

Trying to wake you up like...

Cute cats (or animals of any kind, really) will always brighten someone's day. Send a boop with cute GIFs like this one to let your friend or significant other know you're thinking about them. You want their attention and you'll keep booping until you get it, damn it! The cutest cat GIFs of 2017 will not be ignored!

When you're poor like...

Most of us aren't handed millions of dollars at birth; we have to struggle and work our way to financial stability. Until we get to that point, it's the life of a pauper for us! (Especially if you have student loans.) 

Give me pennies! Give me paper clips! Give me anything that could possibly be of use to me! But don't you dare take it back.  

Dragging your drunk friend out of the party like...

Some of the cutest cat GIFs of 2017 are #RealTalk. When you need to get your drunk friend out of a party before they embarrass themselves, or if your ex shows up and it is time to leave, you don't need to be subtle about it. Move, girl, move!

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Cutest Cat GIFs of 2017 to Send Your Friends
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