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Customizable Gifts Pet Owners Will Love

What's better than finding a thoughtful, funny, and practical present? We found 10 for animal lovers. These are the best customizable gifts pet owners will love.

There is a bond between a person and their pet that is hard to describe. The amount of times that people spend with their animals makes their relationship stronger than most. That's why gifting a personalized present that attributes this bond is perfect for any holiday. 

We have come up with a list of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love. From gifts for dog lovers to hamsters or cats, we've got something for everyone. Plus, we all know gifting a dog for Christmas is out of the question. So these are the next best things. 

Custom If I Know What Love Is Necklace by Kaleen Wolfe

To start off our list of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love, this gift is perfect for women who have any pet. It's a dedication to the pet that you love so much, or could be used as a tribute to a loved pet that has passed. 

The circular pendant has the engraved phrase "If I know what love is, it is because of you." Hanging from this are three small hearts, which are customizable to your choice of fingerprint or paw print. 

Whether your pet is a dog or cat, this necklace is a beautiful and subtle way to show your love for them by wearing their paw prints around your neck and close to your heart. 

Personalized Dog Paw, Cat Paw, and Snowflake Christmas Stockings by Generic

As one of the most classic personalized items, these stockings are one of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love. For either a dog or cat owner, this customized snowflake stocking shows your pet that they are part of the family, hung among the rest of the Christmas stockings. 

Personalized with your pet's name, have a place to hide your pet's Christmas earnings. Allow them to join in on the Christmas morning excitement. 

Dog Photo Customized Tote Bag by nadil1

Coming in either small or medium sizes, this tote bag is a perfect way to show off a pet lover's pride in their best friend. Made with heavyweight fabric, this tote can be used for any occasion, and will fit all of your personal belongings and more. 

Customize the text to say anything you want, as well as upload the image of your best friend to match. Whether you choose to write their name, or a small tribute to your bond with them, this bag is perfect for any pet lover. When it comes to dog lovers, they don't care if you judge. 

Personalized French Bulldog Pajamas by AnitaValleArt

As one of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love that might not have the confidence to rock a dog face on their daily wear, this pajama set is perfect. 

Any Frenchie lover will adore this set, and being able to add the bulldog's name makes the outfit that much more special. With an adorable design and a subtle way to attribute your love for your pup, this gift is great for all dog lovers. 

Shiloh Husky Siberian Pillow by PetFriendly

PetFriendly is an awesome brand who produces pet graphics on items like pillows, phone cases, and posters. Choose from their portfolio to find the correct breed of dog, and gift your pet lover with a graphic version of their best friend. 

With options from Huskies to Corgis, there's a product for every pup lover. It's adorable and simple enough to match the rest of your home decor. Take a look at the rest of their products while you're at it!

The Majestic Phoebe Canvas Print by Anniedenisonart

Another brand similar to Petfriendly, Anniedenisonart has some of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love. With amazing art ranging from all different breeds of dogs, you can browse her portfolio of portraits to find the best option for the dog lover in your life. 

We happen to love this portrait, which is hand stretched and printed personally with vibrant colors on a high-quality canvas. 

Paw Prints Keepsake Photo Frame by Better World Pets

A great gift to memorialize a lost loved one, or simply a great attribute to your family member addition, this keepsake photo frame has both an option for your pet's photo and to capture its paw print. 

As a fun project to get your dog or cat to be calm enough to place their paw on the moldable material, the end result is well worth it. It will look great on top of your dresser or beside the rest of your family photos. 

Personalized Hamster Ornament by CafePets

We couldn't forget about the small furry friends like hamsters. Give your hamster lover their own ornament this Christmas as one of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love. 

Made of lightweight porcelain, it's the perfect size for a little hamster Christmas attribution. And being able to add your furry friend's name makes it that much more personal. We're sure their hamster will appreciate it. 

Impressionistic Hamster Painting by Svetlana Novikova

Svetlana Novikova is an extremely talented artist who sells her work on RedBubble. Though it might be on the more expensive side for a hamster gift, it will be a hit among any rodent lover. Who could say no to a face like that? 

As an impressionistic approach at capturing this furry friend, this artwork is worth $200 and would look great in any office or pet room. 

Cat Scratching Wall Custom Mug by Kevin G

To complete our list of the best customizable gifts pet owners will love, we had to include a gift that is solely for cat lovers. As a customizable coffee mug, this hilarious product pokes fun at the trouble many kitties get into under our care. 

We still love them, but this mug can be extremely relatable to any cat-owner. Add a witty phrase or simply their kitty's name; they'll think of you every time they use it. 

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Customizable Gifts Pet Owners Will Love
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