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Cats and Dogs...Gotta Love Them

They are weird and crazy, but they make life great!

taking turns who is Alpha

They are cute and furry and make great roommates.

“Cats and dogs, cats and dogs,” sometimes they get along, or they fight to claim the position of “best buddy.” These two species have a special place in our lives. I know mine do. My cat Amber is a grayish brown tabby and my dog Rozi is a corgi mix. My two animals get along sometimes, but they fight to get pretty much anything, from scraps of food to the best comfy spot on the couch.

On my Facebook page, my pets have a section of videos of them being silly. I am just like others on the Internet. There are so many videos and photos of everyone’s little critters play fighting or just being a real pest towards one another. The dogs are very playful as they roll around and make funny sounds or faces. The cats are bopping the dog with their paws or crash and sleep where they can fit. It doesn’t matter what age they are; cats and dogs will do whatever they can to be the Alpha or the Beta. There are so many videos on the web to prove this.

Youtube, Instagram, and every video channel on the web has videos and memes of cats and dogs. You name it: from pets exploring their new home and crashing into something, playing with their new toys, or just being silly, memes get created in the image. I think my Facebook page is unique in its way, because there you will see funny things about my pets. For example, my dog Rozi is a bit strange: she has an identity crisis (she thinks she is a pig). She hates dogs but likes other animals, so it was no surprise when I cat sat for a friend’s kitten for a weekend, that my dog wanted to play with the kitten. The first few hours, the kitten just wanted my dog to go away, but then they started to play together. They ran around the house. My dog chased the kitten, the kitten chased the dog, and they were play fighting. I recorded it and made a funny video. Amber, my old cat, wasn’t happy about the kitten; in fact, she just went to the couch to take a nap.

It looks funny and it’s great entertainment, but the truth is, these critters are teaching each other how to fight an opponent. My dog was teaching the kitten how to fight, and how to bite without injuring her. Rozi tried to play the same way with Amber, but Amber wasn’t having it and started hitting Rozi across the nose. I thought they were playing, and I just sat and watched. Amber jumped to a high shelf across the room and hissed at Rozi. Rozi made a whinnying sound and walked away. Amber just sat there and made a clicking sound. I think she was saying, “damn dog!” After the kitten was picked up by the owner, Rozi and Amber were sleeping on the couch next to each other. I’m so happy my cat and dog get along. They are great roommates.

I love my pets so much that I can’t see myself without them. And I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about their pets. It doesn’t matter the age, the size, or breed that your animal is. If you give the animals the same amount of love…and the food, they will love you no matter what. Then you can record it and post it on the internet so that others can see how excellent your pets are. I know mine are, because I get a lot of likes and comments on my Facebook page.

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Cats and Dogs...Gotta Love Them
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