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Blondie and Butterscotch

A Story of 4 Dogs


This is a story of four dogs and their current lives. First is Blondie, a Pitbull boxer mix.  She was born on June 5th, 2012. She is currently 6. We adopted her from North Carolina and she arrived on the 24th of June in 2012. At that time she just turned one.  The guy who brought her to us said she threw up and peed multiple times in her cage. There were many other dogs and some cats in the van, but they didn't know that they were about to go to there future homes. In the picture my mom found online, Blondie looked very strong and tough. When we let her in the house she met Butterscotch and they became best friends. After that, we brought her outside and she was so happy. If you see Blondie then she would give you kisses. Recently it was her birthday and she got a toy. The thing was that she didn't like it, but Butterscotch did. When we were at Party City, my dad thought this outfit for a baby was for a dog so he bought it. Instead of playing with a toy she played with that. She is fast and always hyper, but honestly she loves everyone. She likes to be rubbed and she is the sweetest dog of them all. If she growls at you she would still give you kisses. Pitbulls are not tough, it is the way you raise any dog.

The Giant Fluff

Butterscotch smiling

The day before they were going to put him down, we adopted him. It was in 2009 and the day didn't go as expected. This time we went to get him ourselves in NYC since we lived close by. He didn't know us yet and my mom needed him to get him in the car. She picked him up and he bit her. The shelter said that they would take him back, but my mom said no. He is a Chow Chow, Samoyed mix. We didn't know his life before, maybe he was abused. For a week we had to be in a separate room than our other dogs since he just got surgery. When he is around women he is fine, but when he is around men he is scared, backs away, and barks. Now he is 10, his birthday is September 14th and he will turn 11. As he became older he became friendlier with other dogs. He loves toys and is playful. He just wants someone to love him and his best friend is Blondie.


Bobo when he was older

Bobo was born on September 19th, 2002. He unfortunately died on December 18th, 2015. He wasn't adopted, wasn't from a breeder, but he was given from a friend. He is a husky, pug mix. I wasn't born yet, but my mom said he was a really cute puppy. When I was born he would protect me more from other dog, Zeus. He was like my body guard. The original owner was a friend and when we moved to Long Island he came too. It was so the dogs can be family. Soon Bobo's mom died, the pug. The father outlived Bobo and the rest of his siblings.  When he got older he went blind in one eye, but that didn't stop him. He had blue eyes. The friend had the father, mother, and one sibling which was named Yin Yang. A family in a different state had two of his siblings and they couldn't take care of them anymore and the friend took only one, Biscuit. The other one Magnet, was heartbroken and ran way, but got hit by a car. Things changed. There was only one girl, but nobody knows if there are any siblings left.

The Husky


I wasn't born yet, but my mom found Zeus at a park. He had no collar, he was there for several days, and no one claimed him. We think they dumped him there. His birthday was April 1st and he was born in 2002 like Bobo. He died because of a brain aneurysm on September 11th, 2012. That was a bad day. He was my favorite when I was little and he would growl sometimes, but I still loved him. Once he swam across a whole lake chasing swans by a highway. When he got older he had to get a fake eye, but originally the first vet said nothing was wrong. As he got older he would stay under the bed a lot. He and Bobo were best friends. He loved the snow.  He was afraid of fireworks, once he hid in my closet. He and Bobo will forever be missed.

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Blondie and Butterscotch
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