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Beware of Huskies!

My Experience so Far

Mika (One Year Later) 

My Mom and I were living in a one bedroom apartment for about five years, and eventually we had to move to a house where we would be able to have our own room and privacy. Not only was I excited about having my own room, I was also excited about finally being able to have a dog, and I had my eye on one particular breed; huskies! I had begged my mom for weeks about getting a husky. She didn’t like the idea due to the responsibility this type of dog would bring, and I didn’t bother to put in the time to research about these responsibilities (big mistake). My mom was reluctant about letting me have this type of dog, but she knew I loved huskies and she wanted to give me a chance to have one, so we began to search. We went to some pounds in hope that we would find something that we were looking for, but we left unsuccessful.

Weeks later, my aunt told us that she was giving away her husky, Mika. She offered her to us if we were interested. Before we agreed, we decided to meet her first. I instantly fell in love with her. We took her home that same day, gave her a bath, dried her up, and brought her into my room. She was doing okay for being in a new environment, because we all know that can become stressful for any dog. While we were in my room I was distracted with sending pictures of Mika to my friends, and when I looked up from my screen, I realized Mika was chewing on something. I dropped what I was doing and chased her around the house. When I caught up to her, I realized that she had swallowed one of my socks! I didn’t even have her for a full hour yet and I was already stressed out that Mika had swallowed my sock, and I was in fear that if she didn’t pass it she would get severely sick, but she ended up puking it up a week later, along with a toothpick that came with a homemade taco that she stole off our kitchen counter.

The first week of having her was rough. We found out she had attachment issues, anxiety, and a LOT of energy that we could barely keep up with. She even had a digestive problem because of the food we were giving her had grain and at the time we were unaware that huskies have a hard time digesting this. She hated to be alone, she always paced around, she was having a hard time finding where to go to the restroom. It was very stressful for Mika, my mom and I. We even thought about giving her back, but we already got attached and it was too late to turn back. We were already making the commitment. It would have been unfair to Mika to move her again since she was already getting use to us and our house.

We’ve had Mika for about year and half. It wasn’t easy. Mika came with a lot of bad habits. Since we got her as an older pup it was harder for us because we couldn’t train her habits completely away, we could only decrease them to a point where they weren't as bad and tolerable. We’ve grown as owners, and she’s grown  as a dog. We love Mika, and we spoil her so much. We take her to the dog park, dog beach, and car rides. We buy her kiddy pools for summer, toys to play with, and treats to eat. 

The point of this article is for me to tell you to really do your research before getting any type of pet. We were unprepared and it became really stressful for us, but I know if I would have done my research, it probably would have discouraged me into taking the commitment of caring for a husky. Don’t get me wrong, huskies are great animals, but they are a lot of responsibility—especially since they have a lot of characteristics and that can become hard when they don’t like being alone, or when they get overly excited. Their personalities can be a lot to handle sometimes, and every husky is different, so really do your research.

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Beware of Huskies!
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