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Best Toys for Small Dogs

A toy that's too big to handle might squish your tiny puppy! Check out the best toys for small dogs to make sure you get a size-appropriate option for Fido.

Dogs come in an incredibly wide range of sizes. Bigger dogs, like the Great Dane or Tibetan Mastiff, can easily weigh over 180 pounds. Smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, might barely push 3 pounds when fully grown. 

Obviously, with such huge size differences, there's going to be major differences when it comes to just about every single dog accessory you could imagine. Smaller dogs need less food, smaller clothes, tinier beds, and yes, smaller toys, too.

If you have a petite Papillion, a super small Schnauzer, or a cup-sized chihuahua, then you're going to need toys that won't be too large for them to handle. Experts say that the following goodies are the best toys for small dogs, so if you're new to puppy ownership, these are a good place to start. 

Mini Sqwuggies

Sqwuggies are small chew toys that allow you to play "tug of war" with your dog while also giving them the perk of enjoying a squeaker. The mini-sized sqwuggie by Katie's Bumpers allows your pint sized pooch to squeak, tug, or just carry around their favorite toy. 

They're squeaky, they're chewy, and they come in a ton of different sizes. Needless to say, sqwuggies are definitely one of the best toys for small dogs who love to chew.

Extra Small Tennis Balls

Dogs love tennis balls. This is just a fact. They love catching them, playing fetch with them, chewing on them, and even hiding them. Sadly, most tennis balls are just too big for tiny dogs to really enjoy. After all, it's not like a chihuahua's jaws will be able to open wide enough for something the size of a woman's fist. 

Thankfully, dog toy companies noticed that there's a market for tennis balls for small dogs. Thus, the mini tennis ball was born. Mini tennis balls are some of the best toys for small dogs on the market—and we're willing to bet that they make your pup feel like a big dog, too. 

Tiny Plushies

Much like with tennis balls, small plush chew toys always will be a hit with dogs. 

It's obvious why these kinds of dog toys are popular; they appeal to canine hunting instincts. Needless to say, every dog from a menacing guard dog to your typically family-friendly Golden Retriever will enjoy a soft plushie.

Even apartment-dwelling toy breeds will want to have a plushie. All you have to do is make sure that you select a small, soft toy that actually suits their size, and you'll have one of the best toys for small dogs that money can buy. 

Sturdi Saucers

Most toy breeds and similarly small dogs would absolutely love to play frisbee or fetch with a frisbee. The only problem with giving small dogs a frisbee is that the frisbees are often way too large and heavy for them to safely catch. 

In fact, you can seriously hurt your furry best friend that way—if they aren't big enough to handle that weight and velocity. Thankfully, that's where Sturdi Saucers come in. 

Studi Saucers have been called one of the best toys for small dogs, primarily because the act like frisbees but are light and small enough to be safe for them to catch. Considering how fun frisbee can be, we're willing to agree. 

Xtra-Small Kong Toys

Kong dog toys are incredibly popular, and it's easy to see why. They're chewy, they allow you to sneak dog treats inside, and also are nearly indestructible. 

To a point, it's obvious why extra small sized Kong toys are some of the best toys for small dogs. Every dog loves them—and they're particularly popular among treat-loving puppies that might just need to work off a little extra energy. 

Extra Small Minty Fresh Funny Bones

Dog bones are both a toy and a treat, and they come in just about every size imaginable. Extra small breeds should get extra small dog bones, and if you're going to get a dog bone for your pup, you might as well get one that serves multiple purposes. 

Funny Bones that offer a minty flavor will help reduce doggie breath and keep your puppy's teeth clean. Considering their dual functionality, it's safe to say that Funny Bones are the best toys for small dogs that have oral problems—or oral fixations. 

Treat Balls

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Treat balls are some of the best toys for small dogs, large dogs, and everything in between! They are excellent toys for dogs that love to hunt for treats, as well as dogs that might need a little bit of incentive to exercise. 

Much like with other dog toys on this list, treat balls come in a nice range of sizes. Therefore, finding one that is appropriately sized for your small dog will not be too much of an issue. 

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