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Best KONG Dog Toys for Your Pooch

Show your fluffy baby how much you love them by getting them the best Kong dog toys to buy.

KONG dog toys are made with several concepts in mind: Your dog's health, habits, and playtime experience. KONG makes toys that are fun and beneficial for dogs—and your furniture! This company combines clever with cute, so check out some of the best products they have to offer. 

The Rambler

Dog owners know all too well the disappointment that comes with buying a toy for their pet, only to have them get bored and stop playing with it ten minutes later. The fact is, some dogs need more complex toys than others to keep them preoccupied. That's why KONG created the Rambler.

The Rambler is essentially a 2-for-1 deal. The exterior rubber shell of the ball gives you a dog toy with bounce to throw around, while the small tennis ball in the center gives man's best friend an entertaining puzzle to try to solve. Your baby will go nuts (in a good way!) trying to capture it and figure it out. 

The Wobbler

This is an example of some of the more classic KONG dog toys. This product will captivate your dog because it is good for both play and for eating! Bobbling the toy around is just half the fun; a means to an end, if you will. Your dog will soon discover that the main goal here is to push it around enough to get his/her favorite little dog treats to come out. 

The Jump'N Jack

Making teeth cleaning fun is difficult for dogs and humans alike. Fortunately for your pet, rubber toys exist to aid in this problem. The KONG Jump'N Jack's many dimensions will give your chewer a more amusing toy to tackle than your average rubber ball. While they play, this chew toy also works to maintain their dental health. This is an example of KONG dog toys that serve both practical and entertainment purposes. 

Squeezz Crackle Balls

For most dogs, the sound a toy makes is just as important as what they can do with it. For those dogs who adore the crackling sound your empty water bottles make—you know, the ones you threw away but somehow ended up in your bedroom—the Squeezz Crackle Ball is a must have. Fetch just got a whole lot more fun!

Cruncheez Rascals

KONG's Cruncheez Rascal toys take the concept of the Squeezz Crackle Ball and make it more adorable. If your pet is more fond of stuffed animals than rubber toys, then this is a great toy to have around the house. This particular Cruncheez Rascal is a hedgehog, but this line of KONG dog toys also carries a cardinal and a raccoon. 

Puppy Binkie

KONG doesn't just make toys for dogs, but also for puppies. You might asking, "What's the difference?" Well, it's in the rubber. KONG's puppy toys are made out of lighter, softer rubber which is easier for them to chew and is easier on their gums and growing teeth. 

You can also fill the KONG Puppy Binkie with dog treats to make playtime more rewarding. This product is great for keeping your pup's curious teeth away from your belongings. 

Sea Shells

KONG's line of Sea Shells toys are precious and multifaceted. This little starfish is a chew toy, a stuffed animal, and a fetch toy all in one. Your dog can retrieve it, crackle it, and enjoy it as a bedtime buddy. If you don't fancy the starfish, you can opt for a seahorse, a lobster, or a turtle. 

Squeezz Ball with Handle

The Squeezz Ball with Handle lets dog owners play tug-of-war and fetch with their dogs. This product has the squeaky ball your furry child loves and provides the friendly competition that you can bond over. KONG dog toys aren't just made with your dog in mind, but you too!

Wubba Floppy Ears

KONG's Wubba Floppy Ears are basically the same as the Squeezz Ball with Handle, just more friendly-looking. Get your stuffed animal-loving dog interested in a game of tug-of-war with the giraffe, the tiger, the zebra, or the leopard Wubba.

Squeezz Jels

It looks like a giant gummy bear, but KONG's Squeezz Jels are actually very durable chew toys with squeakers. This line of KONG dog toys offers a wide range of options. Some of the Squeezz Jels come in four colors: Pink, purple, orange, and blue. Additionally, if you don't want the elephant, you can buy a beaver, a hippo, a pig, or a frog. 

So which one of these do you think will be your dog's new favorite toy?

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Best KONG Dog Toys for Your Pooch
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