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Best Dog Camera Treat Dispensers

These top quality dog camera treat dispensers will cut down pet care time without adding pounds to your pup's weight.

Your dog is your best friend, a part of your family, and the buddy that you always know you can rely on. Unfortunately, you might not always have the time to give your pup treats. Due to the nature of working, traveling, and just life in general, it can be hard to care for your pet.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you don't have to be present to give your pup presents. Dog camera treat dispensers managed to make it possible to give your dog a treat even when you're not around.

Here are some of the most popular ones you'll see—and why you'll adore them!

Why get a camera-activated treat dispenser?

Having a dog camera treat dispenser isn't just good for pet owners who may have a wild schedule at work. They are extremely useful for dog owners who have anxiety, as well as pet owners who want to ensure that their pet sitters are actually treating their animals well.

Getting another pair of eyes in your home while you're away can be exceedingly helpful. The camera function can give you a better look into the life of a petsitter caring for your dogs, or act like a security device for your home.

Dog Camera by Furbo

Furbo doesn't just make dog camera treat dispensers—they make solutions that act as a nanny for your pet when you're not around. This camera links up to your internet, broadcasts your pet on demand, and lets you interact with your dog via a mobile phone app.

You can talk to your dog, hear his bark, and also let loose a treat on command using the Furbo Dog Camera. For owners who want to keep an eye on Fido at all times, Furbo is a great choice.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera by Pawbo

Pawbo's Wi-Fi ready pet device is equipped with a 720 pixel HD camera that shows you every little detail of your puppy's expression as it hands out treats. Like other treat dispensers with cameras attached on this list, Pawbo uses a mobile app to help you "chat" with your dog.

If you have a chubby puppy, then you are definitely going to enjoy this camera. It has a built-in laser game that will help your pup loose his pooch through exercise you can help command!

Treat Cam by Petzi

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills pet camera that will dole out treats to the special furball in your life, then you will love the Petzi Treat Cam. This simple and affordable camera lets you take photos of your pet, chat with them, and issue out a treat through a mobile device.

This model is great for people who are really not too into tech thanks to its simple build. That being said, this is a wonderful gift for students who miss their pets in college.

Bites Camera and Treat Dispenser by Petcube

Petcube Bites Pet Camera prides itself on being one of the best dog camera treat dispensers on the market on just about every front. Two-way talk, crystal clear HD video with night vision, a specialized app, and a treat dispenser make this a perfect pick for families who must have the best in life.

No matter what size your dog is, you will be able to make him a happy boy by getting this awesome gadget.

Camera and Treat Dispenser by PetChatz

Looking for a dog camera treat dispenser that actually looks good when they're installed on your wall? Well, PetChatz has a camera that would look pretty and also perform well on multiple fronts.

This mobile app-run treat dispenser offers standard goodies like two-way talk, smart video recording, a treat dispenser, motion-sensing, and PetChatz HD video quality. Unlike others, Petchatz also offers up aromatherapy for anxious dogs!

Q Cat and Dog Treat Dispenser by Funpaw

Budget-conscious pet owners don't have to give up on their hopes of getting dog camera treat dispensers for their furry friends. Funpaw actually has a pretty decent dog camera that dispenses treats and plays with your pup for just under $100.

In terms of affordability, you really won't be able to find a dispenser that offers more bang for your buck than this. Fill it with organic dog treats you can make yourself or the goodies from a box, and your pup will be happy as can be.

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Best Dog Camera Treat Dispensers
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