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Bandit vs the Porcupines

Bandit the Husky

This story begins when our hero, Bandit the dog, ran into the woods. She always did this, so we were not aware of the danger. Then we heard the barking, and from out of the woods, she was running back to us, whimpering. This concerned us, so when she approached, we saw them... the quills.

It was Porcupio, the porcupine! This was the first time he would attack Bandit, and it would not be the last. Bandit explained to us how it all went down.

She was making her daily rounds, making sure the squirrels were not flying out of line and that the birds were not chirping their time away. This was when she saw him, Porcupio, and he appeared to be waddling along, nose to the ground, like nothing was wrong.

Porcupio was known for throwing quills at innocent bystanders, and dogs. He was also known for sniffing out fights waiting to happen.

Bandit was not going to allow Porcupio to hand his hat here. She walked over and asked what he was doing in this neck of the woods. He simply replied that he was passing through. Bandit told him "that was good" and that she didn't want to see him stop.

As Bandit turned around to go, a quill whizzed by her head.  She let out a bark to warn on-comers of the danger, and started after Porcupio. Suddenly, three quills were thrown and stuck in Bandit's nose. She was wounded and couldn't go on.

She whimpered as she came back to the base, where we were waiting for her.

Len, her superior, would have to take her to the hospital to tend to her wounds. She tried to resist, she does not like hospitals, but ended up going anyways. She knew it was for the best.

She had to stay overnight for observations, but came out the next day, ready and willing to do her daily rounds. After a quick bite and a drink of water, she was on patrol again. It would be quiet for the next couple of weeks.

And just when we thought we would not see Porcupio again, here he comes, waddling along with Porcupino, his little brother.

Butch, the hummingbird, flew in to let us know what she had seen. This concerned all of us, but Bandit was already on her way into the woods, in search for Porcupio and his brother.

She searched all day, asking around if anyone saw them, but she had no luck. They were in hiding.

At sundown, she came in for supper, and laid down for awhile. She would need her energy if she was going to catch them. She would also need help. And she knew just who to ask.

The next day, after speaking with Len, Bandit went into the woods looking for them. Len waited at the base.

It was hours before Len saw any signs of Bandit, but she came back, wounded again, and sure enough Porcupino was right behind her. Len came at him with a bat and hit him many times. Porcupino just kept getting up. He finally ran away, but poor Bandit was not looking so good. She was shot again. Those damn porcupines! Len rushed Bandit to the hospital, and they got there just in time.

Bandit was off patrol for the next few days, recovering. But when she did go back out, she kept an eye out for both Porcupio and Porcupino. But neither of them had been seen since.

We did here of them rustling around the Canaan area, but no one could tell us for sure whether it was them. It has been two years since the attack, Bandit has since passed away.

Kia and Venus, the new recruits, have taken over her patrol area, and so far, so good. They have been notified of the dangers, but I don't think they take it too seriously.

We shall see where their adventures take them.

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Bandit vs the Porcupines
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