Tracy Lawson

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The Holidays
7 months ago
I always celebrate the holidays with buying my bearded dragon lizard gifts, my Mom gifts, and myself gifts. I spend a little time wrapping each gift and putting them under a tree. This year is differe...
Jeffrey's Story
7 months ago
I once had a gerbil named Jeffrey and we all called him Jeffy. He was an albino gerbil who had the run of the house. You couldn't help but love the little guy because he was so fun to have around. He ...
The Frog and Other Visitors
8 months ago
I love frogs. They're so beneficial and plus they're cute. Keeping bugs away. Every year, I would get visited by a frog or frogs. When Allie, my bearded dragon passed away, a month later, a toad paid ...
Spike, Pongo, Sadie, and Allie
8 months ago
I had four dogs. One of them isn't pictured here. Her name is Dollie. Four beautiful lovely dogs. All with souls and were the best dogs we've ever had. Our beautiful dogs were taken from us way too ea...
Allie's Story
8 months ago
Four years ago, I rescued a bearded dragon lizard named Alice. Alice turned into Allie. Allie was a sweet bearded dragon lizard. We didn't know her approximate age so we were told she was seven to nin...