Tamara Iwanchyshyn

Hello I am an aspiring writer who writes whatever comes to mind from holidays that I have been on to sci-fi short stories. I would love to be able to write as a career and this is helping to get my stuff out there.

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Betta: Care Guide for a Starter Fish
5 months ago
So you wanna keep fish, but you have never had a fish before. Now you could Google for hours looking up information on fish and how to care for them. But I would recommend one fish in particular, a Be...
Axolotl Care Guide: How to Raise Axolotl for Larva to Adult
6 months ago
So a little while ago I made the decision to get another pair of Axolotl. The first pair worked out well, but for a multitudinous amount of reason, they died. When I looked through the internet for ne...
5 Reasons Why Axolotls Make Amazing Pets
10 months ago
Axolotls are a type of fully aquatic salamanders native to Mexico. Also known as the Mexican "walking fish," they are not actual fish but are amphibians. This makes them very unique pets. In the wild,...