Shae Thompson

My Little Pony Apatchie
a year ago
When I was a child, I had a huge fascination with horses. This could have been due to the fact that aunt and uncle had a horse farm in Milton, Ontario. While growing up I was always told that once I w...
My Favorite Products for Big Dogs
a year ago
I find that the best brand of toys, leashes, and harnesses to get your big dog are the ones made by Kong! I have a Pitbull mix and she can rip apart any toy you give her in a matter of seconds. It's a...
Mika's First New Family
a year ago
My boyfriend and I just recently got our dog Mika. Mika was with her owner at the shop (Two Men and A Truck) when my boyfriend had walked up to her and started petting and playing with her. He is real...