Rosanna Teale

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The View from the Dog House Pt 11
3 hours ago
I have commandeered this post, which means my brother Scamp, known to me sometimes as the Squirt, will probably follow suit with the next one. Where Pickle leads Scamp invariably follows. I like to th...
The View from the Dog House Pt 10
4 days ago
Another agent rejected her novel this morning, which is obviously disappointing. However, it was a very encouraging message telling her not to give up as it is, after all, a very subjective industry. ...
The View from the Dog House Pt 8
8 days ago
Apparently we are not having a holiday this year. That said, there are holidays and holidays. We used to go away for weekends on a regular basis and had some full weeks away as well. We used to go to ...
The View From the Dog House Pt 5
13 days ago
Isn't this a funny expression? The first thing that attracts a potential reader to a book is its cover isn't it? So far, with the exception of Tea Break Tales the covers for Rosy Teale's books have en...
View from the Dog House (Pt. 4)
16 days ago
As dogs that blog, we are clearly more than a cut above the rest; and judging from the photos, we are obviously magnificent specimens—not that we consider ourselves to be dogs, you understand. That sa...