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Somers High School Teacher Answers the Call with New Book
a month ago
Giving sounds good. We all do it to a degree. But going beyond lip service requires reaching a breaking point that allows one to reap life's true rewards, according Somers High School health teacher, ...
The Wolf Conservation Center Cries out for Understanding and the Wolf's Importance to the Environment
2 months ago
The Grey with Liam Neeson is a very entertaining film in which a group of plane crash survivors find themselves stranded in the territorial hunting grounds of a large, ferocious wolf pack. Ruthlessly ...
Mahopac Author and Conservationist Gives Voice to the World’s Big Cats
6 months ago
As a child, animals put Alan Rabinowitz at ease. His misfiring neurons would follow suit and put his stuttering problem at bay. This opened an avenue for just about the only conversations had until he...
Cats In the Cradle Means a Man In the House
7 months ago
As a young child, the cats in the cradle in my house were a couple of pet rabbits. That was simply the best I was going to do. A dog was clearly out and my mother was allergic to cats (which all moms ...