Penny Newton

Penny Newton: Dreams of honeymooning on the moon. Owns about 20 galaxy dresses and wishes to be probed by aliens one day.

Why You Should Feed Your Dog Grain-Free Food
a year ago
When there are grain-free foods, it basically means that there are no forms of wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, and other foods that are labeled as grains. These are the types of foods that are solely...
10 Most Overused Pet Names
a year ago
Once you've gotten a pet as a first time owner, naming him is the fun part! There are so many names out there: names that make sense, like Charlie, and then there are names that are completely bizarre...
Easy DIY Recipes for Dog Shampoo
a year ago
When it comes to washing our pups to make them squeaky clean, some of us are pretty precise on what type of shampoo to use. Because we know that there are shampoos out there that contain harsh chemica...
10 Healthiest Human Foods for Your Dog
a year ago
Some of us love to share our food with our pets... well, sometimes. Sharing as in actually handing it to them and not getting your burger, and possibly you hand, snatched by your dog. They can be reck...
Quick and Easy Tips for Traveling with Your Dog
a year ago
Traveling across the country or across the world is certainly one of the best experiences you can do in life. You're capable of visiting locations you've never been to, eating cuisines your tastebuds ...