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10 Animals That Were the Last of Their Kind
15 days ago
It's never easy being the only one of your kind. Whether it's the only girl in a group of guys, the only person of your nationality in your group of friends, or the only person of your type at work, i...
10 Extinct Animals That Might Not Really Be Extinct
21 days ago
What does it take for an entire species to vanish from this world? Does it take horrific mass killings from bloodthirsty hunters? Does it take a major shift in natural climate? Does it take a terrible...
10 Most Famous Animal Actors in History
3 months ago
The movie industry has always held a special place in its heart for cute animal movies. It's only natural, considering how successful heartwarming movies like Air Bud and Beethoven were. Over the year...
Most Loving Cat Breeds
a year ago
Dogs are man's best friend, and just have a major reputation for being super affectionate. Cats? Well, not so much. Though it's not always warranted or fair, cats have a reputation for being mean or j...
Weird Facts About Cats You Probably Didn't Know
a year ago
Cats are awesome. That's why they won the internet, why people love to adopt them, and why so many folks enjoy having them as their little furry babies. They also are the most popular pet to own in th...
Cutest Cat Breeds
a year ago
I love cats. Cats are my version of babies. They are adorable, fluffy, and I'm basically obsessed with them because they are so incredibly cute. All cats have a special place in my heart, primarily be...