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This Veterinary Nutritionist-Formulated Dog Food Will Keep Your Pet Healthy
7 months ago
When it comes to health, humans and dogs have similar needs. Both humans and canines do best with a lot of aerobic exercise and mental stimulation. Both also tend to be happiest and healthiest when th...
Human Superfoods: Are They Good for Your Dog, Too?
9 months ago
For years, nutritionists and dieticians have been raving about the health-boosting qualities of superfoods. Superfoods earn the monicker by holding a high amount of nutrition without being high in cal...
How To Improve Your Dog's Health (When You Barely Have Time for Your Own)
10 months ago
Your dog is the one friend you know who will stick by you, no matter what you are facing. They are loyal, loving pets that never stop being happy to see you. However, it’s becoming more difficult to k...