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Keep Your Pet Fit and Fed with the Wagz Smart Dog Feeder
7 months ago
The reason most pet owners are anxious to leave their house for any reason is because they are worried about their furry friend at home. Sure, a couple hours over the weekend and there's no doubt they...
How to Get Rid of Litter Box Smells
9 months ago
Litter box odor is not something you should simply put up with. Cat owners can have a difficult time keeping litter box smells at bay if they have multiple cats or cats with interesting diet habits. F...
How Are Police Dogs Trained?
9 months ago
We all know the agony of seeing a perfectly trained police K9 and not being able to pet his smart, cute, fluffy head because he's wearing a harness that says "Do Not Touch." Police dogs are one of the...
Things You Don't Know About Owning Rabbits
9 months ago
PETA reports that rabbits are the third-most abandoned animals in shelters. Owning rabbits is different than owning other domestic pets, such as a dog and cat. When adopting a rabbit, you need to take...
Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety
10 months ago
If you’re worried that your dog may be suffering from anxiety, there are many ways you can identify it. Anxious dogs will show that they are feeling anxious with their body language, through behaviora...
10 Best Pee Pee Pads for Dogs on the Market in 2018
a year ago
A new puppy can bring a lot of stresses along with it. Type of foods, dog crate, toys, collars, and other accessories are all going to be on your mind as well as your budget when shopping for your new...