Mikayla Walker

21 year old, small town New Zealand girl.

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Gaining the Trust of an Orphaned Kitten
9 months ago
Adopting an animal has always been something I wanted to do, but there were so many "what if's" that I always backed out of actually doing it. So when my beloved cat passed away after being hit by a c...
Swimming With Sharks
9 months ago
Swimming with some of the ocean's scariest predators was always on my "to do" list, though, honestly, it's not something I thought would ever actually happen. It was one of those dreams that you'd tel...
Meeting Real Life Big Cats
10 months ago
So as most children will tell you, big cats are the BEST wild animals EVER because they're just so big and scary and fast and... You get my drift. Well if you've ever really wondered what the experien...