Linda Blankenship

I am passionate about health and fitness. I love the outdoors and my lake life. I suffer from two autoimmune disorders but because I am a certified Master Herbalist, I am a true believer in the bodies ability to heal itself. It can be done.  

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It's Not All About the Puppy Breath (Pt. 2)
9 months ago
Three months later and Gracie is still away being trained. As a doggy mom, I am furious because I have missed three months of my puppies cute and quick growth. She was teething the last time I saw her...
So You Want a Parrot?
a year ago
Ever thought about getting a parrot? I didn't but here I am and I am going to give you the facts. Meet my feathered friend Poncho. He's beautiful, isn't he? Beware, though, because sometimes what you ...
You May Call It Puppy Love
a year ago
Funny thing about friendship: It can last forever or it can end just as abruptly as it began. The first time you meet, that bond is formed. Meet Gracie and her BFF puppy friend, Limit. I don't find th...
It's Not All About the Puppy Breath (Pt. 1)
a year ago
"Want a dog?" my husband had asked me one day. This was not a question that I had not heard before. The only difference was that he meant now as opposed to later. We had discussed getting another one ...
This is My House
2 years ago
I was raised around dogs all of my life, so I understand that connection between an owner and their four-legged furry baby. But what if yours had feathers? I ventured into these uncharted waters rough...