Kylie Jane

Not your typical Hippie. Training is my passion. Improving my Health, Happiness, and Life! Online Yoga Coach. Inspiring others❤ 

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A Dream Come True
10 months ago
We all love a heart-warming, animal rescue story. Giving an animal another chance at life or a better home is inspiring. All animals deserve to be loved and cared for. I like to think all pet owners s...
Why Dogs Deserve a Den
a year ago
A lot of dog owners don't use a dog crate. A dog crate, or a kennel, is a metal or plastic box used to replicate a den. Crates are typically used in the home, but they are also a useful travel tool. P...
Man's Best Friend?
a year ago
Dogs are a huge aspect of everyday life. Lots of people have them, and some people want them all. But are we thinking clearly about our longing for a puppy? Are we really ready to provide all the care...