Kayla Babb

I love animals. I am a pet parent of two dogs and two cats. Jasmine is 12, Sukki is 9, Nova is 8, Sheila is 7 years. We live in Kentucky.

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Liver Failure
a year ago
Living with a dog that is experiencing liver failure is rough, both physically and emotionally. Physically, because you know they are going to die. That means the quality of life has become just that ...
Outdoor Cats
a year ago
You watch your outdoor cat as he romps in the grass, feeling the breeze, smelling for all the bugs. You watch, as he has this child-like fun with joyous abandon. You tried to make him an indoor only c...
Dogs Are Worth It
a year ago
Owning a dog has its ups and downs. Late night vet runs, diarrhea cleanups, vomit in your favorite pair of shoes. Not to mention that Fifi ate part of your sweatshirt. Don't even get me started on pot...