Katie Marchbank

Just trying to take down the patriarchy while playing video games and eating too much pasta. 

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Cats?
a year ago
Once I have a bigger place, I plan on being a multi-animal household. I don't understand people that are "cat people" or "dog people" specifically. They're both great in their own ways! I have a cat r...
11 DIY Cat Houses You Can Easily Make
a year ago
We all know that feeling—we spend a ton of money on buying our cat the most beautiful, soft, expensive cat house we can find, only to see her more interested in an empty cardboard box than the $100 ca...
List of Human Foods Your Cat Can and Cannot Eat
a year ago
There's something so appealing about feeding your animal human food. We enjoy what we eat so much, so why should our furry family members miss out? While dogs like to beg and whine while you're eating...
10 Cat Instagrams You Must Follow
2 years ago
The internet adores cats–that much is obvious to any human being who has ever been on Instagram. The website is full of adorable pages full of pet cats hopping and lazing through life, looking cute an...