Joseph D. N. Kendrick

Writer of words. Haver of cats.

11 Awesome Cat Calendars You'll Love
5 months ago
Calendars are an indispensable tool for the modern world. A good calendar is the one and only way to keep track of what day of the week it is (let alone what month it is). Since you're going to need a...
10 Signs Your Cat Is Seriously Ill
6 months ago
As the owner/parent/servant of two cats, I can assure you that no cat owner wants to hear that their cat is seriously ill. If caught early on, however, many health problems in cats can be treated with...
10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds on Earth
8 months ago
The vast majority of cat owners have, what are known as Domestic Shorthairs or Domestic Longhairs. These names aren't breeds, per se, but rather a designation that the cats are descendants from many d...
Dog Sleeping Positions & What They Mean
9 months ago
Dogs are interesting and adorable creatures. If you live with one or more dogs, you are provided with ample opportunities not only to admire your pup, but to ask yourself why your dog does what it doe...
Can a Cat Be a Service Animal?
10 months ago
Service animals serve a wide variety of useful functions for humans. From predicting seizures, to guiding the visually impaired, to dialing the telephone, specially trained service dogs have been prov...
Strange Things Every Pet Owner Has Secretly Done
a year ago
It may be difficult to comprehend if you've never had a pet (you poor soul), but there is an undeniably special and undeniably weird bond that develops between a pet and its owner. My wife and I have ...