Hayley Dodwell

I am a freelance writer. As well as Vocal, I have also written articles for numerous websites, including, Eighties Kids, Child Of The 1980's, Online Book Club, Hubpages, and ScreenHub Entertainment.

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Great Places That Welcome Dogs
2 months ago
Yes it is no secret, I adore dogs! All dogs, every single breed, but when it comes to my favourite breed, it is Labradors all the way for me. Over the years my red-fox Labrador, Lola, and I, have had ...
Labradors Rule!
2 months ago
In all honesty, I love all dog breeds. Big dogs, little dogs, medium size dogs, fluffy dogs, scruffy dogs, and short haired dogs. I love the loud dogs, the quiet ones, even the yappy ones! Every dog i...
Heartbreak: Nothing Hurts More Than The Death of Your Dog
2 months ago
I have come to believe that losing a beloved family dog is one of the worst pains you will ever feel. That loyal companion, that faithful friend, that unconditional love. The dog that was once the per...
Snake Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!
2 months ago
The incredible world of snakes. Okay, I know, you either love them, or you are simply terrified of them. There is no in between. I used to be absolutely terrified of them, that was until recently, the...