Erin Belz

I'm Erin. I'm a lover of all things. My husband is a chef. I'm a dog mom. Inhave 2 dogs and their names are Jagger the Pibble and Monte the Tiny Pupper. 

The Day(s) We Got Our Dogs (Part Two)
5 months ago
The Story Of Monte Monte. My tiny princess. Chief Runs In Circles. She's a little over a year old now. We've had her since July of 2017, when she was eight weeks old. She's sweet as she can be. She lo...
The Day(s) We Got Our Dogs (Part One)
5 months ago
The Story of Jagger The day we got Jagger started off just as any other day would: uneventful. We had been talking about getting a dog for about a month or two at this point when my mom called and sai...