Emmeline Reader

Hello everyone, my name is Emmeline and I run a feral/stray cat rescue out of Swanton, VT in the US. I specialize in socializing and taming these cats before they go to their homes, and I love them all.

-Barn Cat Conservation Society-

Home Remedies for Kittens with Fleas!
2 years ago
Running a rescue that deals primarily with barn cats and strays, we run into fleas quite often. For the adult cats, throwing a Seresto flea collar on them and bathing them once a week usually does the...
My Life with Xena
2 years ago
My time with Xena has been spent trying to make her as comfortable and as strong as soon as possible. Xena is about half a pound now at almost seven weeks old, and we have realized that she suffers fr...
Homemade Cheap Cat Toys!
2 years ago
We've all been there—going out to buy your cat a new tower or scratching post, and then looking down at the price tag just to find you're looking at over $30 for a piece of wood and some carpet. Or ma...
The Struggles of Fostering
2 years ago
If you are at a time in your life when you are not able to adopt an animal and make the commitment to stand with them for the rest of their lives, fostering is a good thing to turn towards. It allows ...