Desiree Stumo

I'm a 20 y/o college student who's hoping to successfully express my emotions and opinions in 600 words or more~  I love organizing, daydreaming, and getting excited about cartoon and anime characters. [email protected]_senpai [email protected] [email protected]_san

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Always Wanted to Be a Dog Person...
6 months ago
Have you ever been nervous about seeing a new animal? Just like any new experience, you could be unsure if you'll like it, if you'll learn quickly, or if you end up having fun. I have always been appr...
What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Our First Puppy!
7 months ago
Yes, Yes. Puppies sure do look cute, though getting a puppy is a big deal and require immense amounts of determination and patience. Let alone the hard-earned money that you'll have to pay for their d...