Clare Scanlan

I am passionate about writing! Passionate about animals, especially horses, passionate about women's and children's rights!

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Wounds and Their Treatment
10 months ago
Wounds, scratches, lacerations, etc. are probably the most common form of injury in horses. They are extremely lively animals, they can be inquisitive, which along with their flight or fight response ...
Competition Horses and Disease
10 months ago
Competition horses travelling regularly to shows are prone to catching any disease that is prevalent at the time, particularly those that are viral diseases passed on by contact or through the air. Eq...
Shark Attacks
a year ago
According to the International Shark Attack File, there are less than 1000 attacks a year by sharks on humans and only between 10 and 15 of these results in death. To put this into perspective, 1,000 ...
Stop Diseases Spreading
a year ago
The main causes of respiratory diseases in horses are: Virus infection – contact with other animals, eg Strangles Contact with buckets, fences, saddlery used or touched by infected horses Airborne bac...
Ocean Habitats
a year ago
From microscopic plankton to the largest whale, the ocean has a greater variety of plants and animals than any other environment in the many different habitats it provides. Because our planet looks bl...
Largest Creatures in the Sea
a year ago
The ocean is absolutely packed with animals of all shapes and sizes. From the smallest plankton to the largest whale, the animals in the ocean show an amazing diversity in size, shape, and lifestyle. ...