Celina Campbell

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Top 10 Benefits of Doggy Daycare
a year ago
For many, if not all, dog owners, our dogs are like our babies and must be cared for as such. Dogs require lots of love and attention, and not all of us can provide that all of the time. And that's OK...
Caring for Your Dog at Home
a year ago
Dogs are wonderful creatures, full of love and joy, and they enrich our lives every day with their presence. Their hairy, stinky, sharp nailed presence. Like all pets, dogs require care. Some more tha...
Finding a Lucky Penny
a year ago
It was 2004. I was in the first half of the fifth grade and my sister in the second grade. I had been asking (begging) for my parents to get a dog for as long as I can remember. And one day, seemingly...
The Importance of Brushing Your Dog
a year ago
"Grooming" is an instinctive behaviour that all animals have. Simply defined, it is the mechanism to keep oneself clean and free from parasites and sickness. This can range in behaviours from licking,...