Carolann Sherwood

Professional nurse for over 40 years

Owned a children's daycare, eight years

Owned an upper scale clothing resale shop

A freelance writer 

Editor since 2010 on a writing platform site

A published author, "Return To The Past" available on Amazon

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The Crazy Cat Lady #2
6 months ago
Sami, whom we call Sami Two Steps, got this name because he lived about two steps from our home. Sami knew where to come for help. Cats know where they are accepted and loved. Sami had no doubts that ...
The Crazy Cat Lady #1
6 months ago
The Photos all through this article were the closest I could come to how each of our felines looked. They are photos from versus my photo gallery. In between owning a family of felines, Gr...
Face Your Fears
8 months ago
There is no doubt about it everyone has a fear of something. If you cannot admit your fear, you are not honest with yourself. Two things frighten me the most, and they are spiders and heights. Spiders...