Autumn Brown

I'm a new author starting here to practice my writing. If you like what you read please share with friends on social media or send a tip if you wish:) Your support is always welcome.Thanks again!

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Kittening Gone Awry
22 days ago
If you love animals, and more specifically cats, then the prospect of kittens is an exciting thing. Well that was how it was with my little orange and white fur ball, Mary. She was always a playful li...
Five Common Signs That Your Pet Is Sick
8 months ago
First of all, I would like to inform you that most of these symptoms will result in needing immediate attention from a vet. So, rule of thumb, take your pet for regular check ups, keep your vet's phon...
10 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Your Dog
8 months ago
Be astounded by the secrets your furry friend has been hiding.
The Wandering Fox (Pt. 2)
8 months ago
After an hour or so Ember had risen from Rusty's side and began to dig a grave for her beloved mate, Crimson noticed and waited for her to finish. He didn't want to disrupt the fleeting moments of goo...
The Wandering Fox
8 months ago
A flash of red dashed across the countryside, leaping in and out of the wheat fields. His heart raced for fear of an unknown danger that lurked around every corner. Finally, he reached the safety and ...
My First School Horse
8 months ago
All my life I have loved horses, but not at all like a I do now. The word love is thrown around loosely in every day life; I love that sweater or I love that picture. In the earlier stages of my life,...