Alix McCormick

24 year old doggy mommy to an an adorable 2 year old Shiba Inu named Lucy and wife to the most wonderful husband in the world Adam. Loves history, loves to write and relax while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

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4 Healthy Treats for Your Furry Friend!
a year ago
For all of those who have furry friends, we all know our dogs absolutely love treats. Unfortunately our four legged babies don't know when enough is enough. They are bottomless pits once it comes to t...
What I've Learned From Owning a Shiba Inu
a year ago
So on June 8, 2016, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were at a pet store so we could just play with a few puppies. We weren't thinking about bringing one home. That is until they brought Lucy ...
My Name Is Lucy!
a year ago
Hello all! My name is Lucy Esmeralda McGillicuddy Ricardo McCormick. I know. My mom named me after one of her favorite TV characters. You know, one of those ones where it only aired in black and white...
Pets... Are They Just Furry Companions or Furry Children?
a year ago
There's always been a debate whether or not you're parents when you only have a four legged furry friend running around the house. Some say because you didn't give birth to it yourself, it's not your ...