Alan Russell

The Sport of Kings in the UK
6 days ago
It is bigger than the glamorous headline grabbing festivals of racing such as Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, Epsom and Aintree, which are the meetings that infect the wider public’s imagination and interest...
Omar's Diary to 11th November 2017
7 days ago
I was enjoying my week until the picture above was resurrected. Lady Servant was given this not so complimentary magazine, on one of her recent flights across the UK. Then earlier today Man Servant br...
10 days ago
This is Fred who sadly had to be put to sleep in October 2017. Fred found us on a cold November day. The sort of day when there is no sunlight, just clouds and rain that was carried through the air on...
Omar's Diary for the Week Ending 3rd November 2017
14 days ago
I do apologize for my last header photograph if it offended anyone. It is just that Man Servant could not locate the much better one above at the time. Evenings this week have been, how shall I say? “...
Omar's Diary for the Weekend of October 28th & 29th 2017
20 days ago
I was aware of some kafuffle at the front door of Omar Towers just before seven on Friday evening. Being very reserved, some would say ‘snobby’, I withheld my curiosity about what was going on downsta...
Omar's Diary for October 2017
a month ago
Some members of the servant species hold the firm belief that felines are a strain of their own species who just happen to wear fur coats. They believe we can empathize, comprehend abstract concepts, ...