Ada Zuba

Hello! I am 24 years old and I have two older sisters. I love to write and finding new hobbies! my aspirations are to become a writer as well as finding a job that I look forward to everyday! I love spending time with my little chihuahua!

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First Time Horseback Riding?
4 months ago
We love farms because of the animals, such as pigs, goats, sheep, dogs, and kittens, but one of the main reasons is horses. However, if you are planning on going horseback riding, the best places to l...
How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Separation Disorder
5 months ago
Many people love dogs, they are fun to be around, fun to play with, and great walking or running buddies and sometimes they like to cuddle up on the couch with you. However, there are many dogs that h...
I Warned Her
6 months ago
To offer some background information on my dog, I did not raise him, and he was already five years old when we took him in. We received him from our vet family friends because they refused to put him ...
Misconceptions About Chihuahuas
6 months ago
Stereotypes can be very false or sometimes very true. Sometimes, however, they can be both. So, I have complied a list of stereotypes for chihuahuas and I will tell you which ones to believe: They're ...
The Time I Got a Dog
a year ago
It was September and I was in grade 11; by this time my sister and me had accepted the fact that we were never going to get a dog. My dad's work friend proposed that we get a pug puppy because her dau...